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About Us

Our Story

The World Is Your Oyster.

Whether you are seeing Rome for the first time, loading up the kids to see family for the holidays, making an important business trip, or just going out with friends, eBags is the first step of your journey.

In 1999, we set out to become the world's most loved and trusted online destination for bags and all things travel - a natural answer to "where can I find my perfect bag?" Since then, more than 22 million bags and counting have shipped out of eBags - each bag a trusty companion for untold journeys.

We Want Your Bag To Be Perfect.

We're not just delivering bags, we are delivering the bag that's absolutely right for your particular journey. When searching for the perfect bag, feedback matters and choice counts - we've amassed more than 3 million unbiased customer reviews. With eBags, you can quickly browse over 55,000 bags to find THE bag. Easy. Efficient. Perfect.

Message From Our President

You deserve a bag you can't live without. When we make an "eBags" bag, we toil over each and every zipper and pocket to make sure there is a perfect place for everything you need. This is why eBags' branded luggage, travel accessories and handbags remain the most highly rated products we carry. Every eBags private label product comes with a lifetime guarantee. We build each bag to be tough, lightweight, and smart. We know you will enjoy them because they are filled with your ideas. We read your reviews and incorporate your feedback relentlessly to improve our bags.

You deserve a great shopping experience. We have been very busy enhancing the look, feel and functionality of every page on eBags.com. We want shopping eBags to be easy, fun and helpful for you, no matter where or when you are shopping. Your shopping cart will automatically synchronize between your mobile devices and PC the moment you login to your account, and you can easily share customized wish lists and recommendations with your friends and family with the push of a button. Once you make your purchase, we expect your bag to come to you as sold and on time. We have even enhanced our rewards program so you can earn credits towards future perfect bags faster than ever before.

We are proud of our work, but we are never satisfied with it. We want to keep our customers for a very long time.

Best Regards,

Mike Edwards
President, eBags

Our Culture

We are a passionate team of merchants, operators, designers, developers, strategic thinkers, and game changers – all unified by a clear common purpose. Our culture fosters fresh thinking and inspires our people to do great work and deliver on the promises we make to our customers.

Our Values define us, and are the soul of our company. At eBags, we are:

Bold: We move fast. We innovate and blaze trails, always asking 'what's next'?

Driven: We are always on. In a relentless pursuit of a better journey for our customers.

Owners: We have the hearts of entrepreneurs and the mindset of owners.

Together: We are partners. With each other, with our business associates, for our customers. Collectively, we create the world's most beloved destination for perfect bags.

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