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eBags Brand Packing Cube Semi-Annual Sale! Extra 25% Off! Use code: PACK Ends 4/19/2015 at 11pm PT. Shop Now!

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Save 25% on Samsonite Use Code: Sam25
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    About Travel Adapters & Converters

    Adapters and converters are an absolute necessity if you are planning on traveling outside of your home country and plan on using any type of electronic such as a cell phone, laptop, or iPad. Even if your travel plans include completely disconnecting from the outside-world while on vacation, you will still need adapters and converters for toiletries like hair dryers, curling irons, and electric razors.

    Travel adapters typically need to be used whenever you travel out of the country and usually come as a set that includes all of the most common outlet types. Sometimes adapters are one universal device that combines all of the common outlet types into one. These plug adapters essentially change the shape of a foreign outlet so that your plug can fit into and receive power from foreign outlets.

    Once you determine if you will need adapters on your trip, your next step is to determine whether or not you will need power converters as well. Travel power converters convert the voltage that is coming out of the wall and match it with the voltage needed to power your electronics and appliances. Most modern electronics can automatically convert their power voltage, however, if you are unsure about whether or not yours does, make sure to check well before your trip and purchase the necessary converters and adapters. Failure to do so can almost certainly cause your electronics to short out or, in some cases, fry them completely.

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