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Orders outside of the U.S.

In order to fulfill overseas shipping requests, we have partnered with MyUS and Borderlinx to allow overseas customers the ability to forward any order from eBags to their International shipping address. If you live overseas and are interested in receiving eBags' products, please visit our partners MyUS or Borderlinx to learn more about their freight forwarding service to international addresses. eBags is not responsible for any charges applied by any freight forwarding companies.

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Customer Testimonials

Your deliveries are always very satisfying and on time. They actually deliver to my door, this is what I like the most!
- Tuna Eren, Turkey

I am very satisfied with the way that you repack and prepare my shipments for overseas!
- Hiromu Ohmori, Japan

You do an excellent job. I just love receiving your packages!
- Judy Itoh, Japan

Your service is impeccable - my inquiry emails are always promptly answered, you are all very helpful and friendly. Bravo!
- Iva Cicin-Sain, Switzerland

Other services I have tried provided erratic services and inaccurate accounting, but I am completely satisfied with your service. You're doing fine!
- Carol Sam, Singapore

Congratulations on the New web site, it's really great and now I can order all catalogs & magazine without typing anything - just one click :)
- Mahran Banajah, Saudi Arabia

I feel as if I am living in the United States!
- Ashraf Abu Ali, Egypt

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