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baggallini Everything Crossbody

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Cheetah ES


74% recommended

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Product Features

  • A place for everything and everything in its' place
  • Two front pockets for quick access to your cell phone, digital camera, etc.
  • The zippered front compartment and zippered back compartment each have lipstick holders, a zip closure pocket and room for glasses, cosmetics and more
  • The center zippered compartment keeps the rest of your valuables secure, yet easy to access. Inside you will find credit card slots, a pen holder and two more zip closure pockets
  • There is even a stuff pocket on the back that closes securely with a hidden magnet
  • 52" adjustable strap
  • Lightweight water resistant fabric

Detailed Product Description

Pack everything but the kitchen sink in the baggallini Everything Bagg! Its zippered front and back main compartments boast room enough to hold your wallet, checkbook, cosmetics, medications, and other can't leave home without necessities, and each has lipstick holders, a zippered pocket for keeping valuables safe and secure, and room for other small items. A center zippered compartment contains credit card slots, a pen holder, and additional zippered pockets. A stuff pocket on the back closes with a magnetic snap, and the baggallini Everything Bagg has two front pockets for quick access to your cell phone and digital camera.

Product Specifications

10.25" x 8.25" x 2"
1 lb
Crinkle nylon
1 year against manufacturer's defects
Linear Inches:i
Catalog #:i

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Product Reviews

Ratings Summary


Based on 203 reviews

74% recommended
Most Helpful Review
  • Posted: 11/8/2014
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Austin, texas
positive review
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4 person(s) out of 4 found this review helpful.
"The Baggallini Everything Crossbody bag is the only bag I use for all occasions. I found it a great bag while traveling being able to conveniently hold all necessary papers and documents that are often too large or bulky to fit into a purse. The crossover style ensures a comfortable fit. As to size, a small tablet would fit in this bag either in the outer pocket or in one of two zippered compartments. And excellent choice for an all-around bag."
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  • Posted: 12/26/2010
  • Reviewer: Debra A from Meadow Vista, CA
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332 person(s) out of 337 found this review helpful.
"I was really looking forward to this bag. Finally, pockets for credit cards AND an accessible place for cash/coin. My small Kindle fit beautifully, as did my Blackberry, glasses, keys. Wanted black, but decided to try the Red - standard Baggallini red, so is okay. But!! The way the shoulder strap has been attached makes the bag fall forward, away from the body and look very bulky. If there was a snap or if the strap was attached differently, maybe this would help. By having the cell phone-camera-keys pockets at the front of the bag, you cannot offset the imbalance of weight. A little design tweaking on the part of Baggallini and I will buy this bag again - but as is, it will go to the back of the closet. My advice - wait for a re-design."
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  • Posted: 10/29/2012
  • Reviewer: Linda from West Bend, WI
positive review
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97 person(s) out of 100 found this review helpful.
"Love the purse, nice length in the strap, well organized. Quite a few "slots" for credit cards. Compact and light weight. Only problem I had is that the strap, both sides, are attached to the back section of the purse. When the purse is full, it tends to hang forward. Not good. Took it to a local repair shop and had one side of the strap attached to the front portion of the purse. Works well now"
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  • Posted: 5/20/2011
  • Reviewer: Deanna from Livermore, CA
positive review
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78 person(s) out of 82 found this review helpful.
"organization great! strap was not as rugged as I thought it would all the separate pockets...but I really dislike the fact that when the middle, front and the two small front pockets have something in them and I have the handbag on my shoulder or crossover style..that the front pockets "accordians" outward away from the that the handbag and its contents seems to cantilever out from my hip. Would be nice if there was a strap from the back of the bag to snap or clip to the front section that would hold the them together...or possibly placing one strap rings on the front section of the purse might tend to hold the front closer to the back of the handbag...if you correct this problem can I trade my handbag in???"
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  • Posted: 3/20/2011
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Fairbanks, AK
positive review
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28 person(s) out of 29 found this review helpful.
"I really love the organization and it is the mid-size I was looking for. I don't really like the way the bag hangs on my shoulder though. Since the majority of the weight is in front of the strap, it hangs out far away from my body. I usually don't wear my bags across body, but I find that I have to, in order to keep this hanging next to me."
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  • Posted: 6/15/2011
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from san diego
positive review
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13 person(s) out of 13 found this review helpful.
"I am not fond of the strap location on the bag. It makes it hang awkwardly. I feel it should be more like the everyday bagg, with the strap on one side of the purse and strap on the opposite (front side) if the purse."
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  • Posted: 7/10/2012
  • Reviewer: Maryann from Paso Robles, CA
negative review
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44 person(s) out of 47 found this review helpful.
"I am disappointed to say that I am very disappointed by this Everything Bagg. I love my Wallet Bagg & thought it would be similar while holding more, that the added zipper compartments would hold a paperback book (they don't) & other travel items. The only added feature I like is the back slip pocket. The outside front pockets are too deep, compared to the Wallet Bagg; the center section, equivalent to the Wallet Bagg, is too recessed & difficult to get to between the zipper sections on either side; the large square tabs at the end of the zippers on those outer sections get in the way and are abrasive. I do like the width of the shoulder strap, but the hardware adds too much weight. Since I've used the Bagg."
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  • Posted: 7/9/2012
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from california
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9 person(s) out of 9 found this review helpful.
"A great Organizer. However,purse is too unstable and unbalanced to hang over shoulder when loaded. WOuld prefer the straps to be more secure, attached (sewed on)to the bottom of the bag to provide more support for a loaded purse thus offering less weight on shoulder. How about offering the purse with 2 handles one on each side to give it more stability and support. Thanks"
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  • Posted: 11/5/2012
  • Reviewer: Trina from Redmond, WA
positive review
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25 person(s) out of 27 found this review helpful.
"I had watched this bag for awhile and it went on sale, so I decided to try it. I love the compact size and its huge ability to keep all of my things organized in the slots and many sections and pockets. It is light weight and can be worn across the body for free hands when shopping. It doesn't show wear and tear. Mine always looks crisp and new. Its a fantastic bag for plane travel or to stick inside a larger tote or even in the suitcase for when you get there. Its packs very well."
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  • Posted: 1/3/2011
  • Reviewer: Candace from New Braunfels, TX
negative review
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31 person(s) out of 34 found this review helpful.
"I like the size, color and organization. However I find the strap gets in the way of opening the bag easily and consequently causes some anxiety in trying to reach in the bag to search and remove an item."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 6/23/2011
  • Reviewer: Nora from Pompano Beach, FL
negative review
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7 person(s) out of 7 found this review helpful.
"I was hoping for a roomier bag than the Baggalini Around Town Bagg, which I currently use daily (love it, by the way!). However, when I transferred everything I had in the Around Town, this Everything Bagg looked overstuffed, it was difficult to close the zippers, and when I tried to wear it cross-body, it sticks out way too much because it's so stuffed. I received it yesterday, and returned it today. I'll continue using my Around Town bagg instead."
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