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baggallini Only Versatile Shoulder Bag

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Black -  (Currently out of Stock)

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87% recommended

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Product Features

  • Can be used as a travel bagg, a diaper bagg, a briefcase and a bagg for every day use.
  • Fits comfortably over your shoulder with 11 inch drop length
  • Made of lightweight water resistant fabric.
  • Detachable cell phone case is strapped to the handle.
  • The zippered center compartment is full of organizational help. There are 2 large zippered pockets, a key fob, cell phone or PDA pocket, 2 pen and lipstick slots, 2 elastics for pens or lipstick, and a slide pocket
  • Each of the outside compartments have a mesh bottle holder and two large zippered pockets.
  • It fits comfortably over your shoulder
  • Black exterior / Khaki interior; Dark Olive exterior / Spice interior, Espresso exterior / Tomato interior, Khaki exterior / Spice interior, Leaf Green exterior / Mango interior, Mango exterior / Tomato interior, Orange exterior / Khaki interior, Purple exterior / Dark Olive interior, Sea Foam exterior / Mango interior, Steel Blue exterior / Khaki interior, Tomato exterior / Mango interior

Detailed Product Description

Tote all your essentials comfortably and stylishly in the roomy, versatile, multipurpose baggallini Only Bagg, the only bag you'll ever need!

This carry-all can be used as a purse, a diaper bag, or a travel bag, and fits comfortably under your arm. It features three large zippered compartments for your billfold, checkbook, cosmetics, and other large items, including an organizer compartment for keeping small items like pens, pencils, lipsticks, and electronics neat and handy. Each outside pocket has a mesh water bottle holder to help you stay cool and hydrated throughout the day as well as zippered pockets for keeping valuables safe and secure. The baggallini Only Bag is made of lightweight, water-resistant crinkle nylon, and even has a detachable cell phone case strapped to the handle.

Product Specifications

15.5" x 10" x 7.5"
Strap Drop Length:i
1 lb, 4 oz
Crinkle Nylon
1 year against manufacturer's defects
Linear Inches:i
Catalog #:i

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Product Reviews

Ratings Summary


Based on 533 reviews

87% recommended
Most Helpful Review
  • Posted: 2/16/2014
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Madison, WI
positive review
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2 person(s) out of 2 found this review helpful.
"Baggalini handbags are the best. I own 3 of them and they hold up, don't scuff and are very practical. The Only Bagg looks like it will serve me well for travel. I like to have a change of clothes outside of my checked bag and the center section of the Only Bagg will work out great for this. The only comment I would make is that they include a cell phone holder of a shape that most cell phones no longer have. It would fit a stick phone but not a smart phone. No big deal...just sayin'"
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  • Posted: 2/15/2011
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Silver Spring, MD
positive review
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73 person(s) out of 75 found this review helpful.
"Big enough to hold letter file folders or letter redwells, lunch items, book, umbrella, phone, keys and door passes, and a small knitting project. If I pop into the grocery store on the way home, I can fit 4 cans into the center pocket, or a good amount of produce. It makes a good squishable carry-on bag. I've had the Only Bagg in black rip-stop nylon bag for over 5 years of daily heavy use, and it is only now beginning to fray at one corner, and one side zip pocket tore years ago, when I had it overloaded. I'm still using that one until it wears out completely, but I restocked, since this was on sale. Others have mentioned the "too many pockets" problem: I tied my train pass on a purple lanyard around one of the handle straps, so that I can tell easily which is the "front" of my bag. That way, I know that the front outside little pocket is for house keys and train pass; front inside for wallet, chapstick; inside the center zip the 2 little pockets are 1 for feminine products and 1 for lunch sandwiches; the back inside little pocket for electronics (shuffle, USB drives, Playaway, batteries), and the back outside pocket is for pens and my work door pass and work keys. This system lets me pull out what I need without showing the whole train car where my wallet is."
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  • Posted: 4/17/2011
  • Reviewer: Catherine from Rio Grande Valley, Texas
positive review
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14 person(s) out of 14 found this review helpful.
"I have four Baggellini "ONLY" Baggs as well as several of the travel wallets. They are wonderful ! The "ONLY" Bagg has three large sections, one zippered, which are large enough for my MAC Air, and my iPad. There are many smaller zippered compartments and pockets for putting small items and a separate pouch for my cell phone that hangs on the Bagg's handle. It is roomy enough to use as weekend bag. It slides easily 'under the seat in front of you'. Made of light weight fabric, the Bagg is easy for a small woman to carry even when it is fully loaded. It can be bought in many colors with coordinating/ contrasting linings. After months of daily use, my "ONLY" Baggs still look great."
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  • Posted: 9/17/2011
  • Reviewer: Franceen from Dahlgren, VA
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19 person(s) out of 20 found this review helpful.
"I have two of these bags purple and red - both are previous versions - no cell pocket outside. The bag is huge, and has many many pockets. So many, I can't remember what pocket holds what and often have to open several before finding what I'm looking for. I use this bag on business trips that are long distance, out and back on same day (e.g. Wash DC to Tampa and back) - doing that is risky given that the last flight could be cancelled. This bag allows me to carry a few essentials that I would need if I got stuck overnight (change of underwear, some makeup, pills, snacks, knitting, a book, and other "got-to-have's" - in addition to the stuff I carry for business. There is one negative about this bag and it's fairly significant. The bag is so floppy that it just settles flat like a pancake and the compartments on the side that only have snaps spill everything out. If you have a laptop in the middle, the bag falls over too and things go all over (bad news on a plane). The bag needs some sizing/stiffener to keep it a bit upright. This is enough of a problem for me that I don't use either of them very often (only for those one-day trips). But the positive and negatives do cancel each other somewhat, hence the "neutral" rating I gave it."
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  • Posted: 7/4/2012
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from albuquerque NM
positive review
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7 person(s) out of 7 found this review helpful.
"It weighs nothing! Some bags are so heavy they weigh more than the stuff you put inside. Not this baby!"
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  • Posted: 4/19/2011
  • Reviewer: Frederique from Chandler, AZ
positive review
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6 person(s) out of 6 found this review helpful.
""I bought this bag to use primarily for airline travel. It's lightweight and has lots of pockets to help me keep all my belongings organized and easy to find""
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  • Posted: 12/8/2004
  • Reviewer: G. Wright from New York, NY
negative review
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57 person(s) out of 66 found this review helpful.
"This really should be advertised as a diaper bag. PROS: - Lots of zippered pockets - Pen slots - 2 bottle holders - Cell phone case - Picture I.D. wallet with long cord. - Inside clip to hold your keys - Roomy - Zippered main section and snap closures on the other 2 sections - Material is good for rainy weather CONS: - No structure to the bag – it often crumples wherever you lay it. Depending on what’s inside, it has a tendency to “spread out” on a surface. - Straps need to be longer. With a bulky coat, it's hard to get on the shoulder. - In spite of the straps being too short, the outside strap constantly falls off my shoulder once I got the bag on. - Cell phone holder barely holds my phone. Also the holder keeps on moving and shifting on the bag’s strap once I remove the bag or put it down. On my lap, the weight of the phone keeps pulling the bag away from me. I’m forced to place the holder on the top of the bag. - The inside of the bag is supposed to be a bright color to locate things easy. The inside of my bag is black like the outside. - There are almost too many undistinguishable zippered pockets. It is hard to remember which pocket items are in. - Not stylish at all. Not for work. Like I said, it’s really a diaper bag. Or a weekend/beach bag. - The material is flimsy. The cord that the wallet is attached to is starting to get chewed up by the zipper. - Pen slots are huge. Some writing instruments would only attach via their cap’s “lip”. This often made it hard to remove them. - I knew this was a diaper bag being sold as an “everything” bag when I tried to put a bottle of water into one of the two netted pockets. Even a normal 16.9 ounce bottle took minutes to fit. These water bottle pockets were made for baby bottles. Buy this bag if you’re in the market for a diaper bag. But be warned, you may be fussing with it a bit. If you’re looking for a good, everyday, attractive bag – this is not for you."
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  • Posted: 1/19/2005
  • Reviewer: Janet from New Rochelle, NY
positive review
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28 person(s) out of 32 found this review helpful.
"I bought this bag to be a briefcase / handbag. I use it every day to carry my assorted accounting equipment, including a small calculator, palm, pencil case, eyeglasses, sunglasses, wallet, appointment book and more. The bag is very lightweight and I really like the 3 separate compartments - it makes it easier to find things. However, it's also a negative, because sometimes I don't remember which section I put something into and I have to dig around for awhile. I'm sure that as I get used to it, that will become less of an issue. I wish that the bag were a little deeper to be able to easily carry a letter sized folder. That is a minor issue and I have been able to kind of squash a file down, in order to zip up the middle section. There are a million interior zipper pockets which work great. There are 2 water bottle pockets that are great in theory, but they are a little tight and require 2 hands to get a bottle into. Overall, the bag is very close to perfect and I would absolutely buy it again."
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  • Posted: 3/17/2013
  • Reviewer: Mary Beth from Ellington, CT
positive review
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11 person(s) out of 12 found this review helpful.
"This is a great bag that seems to expand endlessly. The bag does not appear large on the shoulder, but does hold a lot of things. It cleans nicely as well. I would definitely buy again!"
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  • Posted: 9/5/2012
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer
negative review
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11 person(s) out of 12 found this review helpful.
"I love my Baby Milano and wanted a bigger Baggallini bag. From the Only Bagg description I thought it would be great, but the main compartment closes only with a snap, rather than a zipper or clasp. I found that it did not stay closed at all, especially when it was full. I'd hoped to use it as a travel bag but had to buy a different bag on the road after almost losing a bunch of my things on the airplane."
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  • Posted: 3/27/2011
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Shrewsbury, MA
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5 person(s) out of 5 found this review helpful.
"I think the Only Bagg is as light as possible, which is why I ordered it. However, I keep losing things in it, which is scary and very inconveniently time consuming. The first day I used it I had my cell phone in the case that is hanging outside the bag in the photo, and I lost the cell phone. Though I'd like to use it every day, I will either return it or keep it in case I buy an Ipad. It would be a nice size for that for travel. I'm pleased with the musroom color, which matches my taupe coat."
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