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eBags Kalya Town Square

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  • Charcoal nylon interior
  • Main interior compartment is v-shaped and measures 14" wide, 6" deep, 9-1/2" tall
  • Zippered pocket across the back of the interior compartment measures 13-1/2" wide x 9" tall
  • Two elastic-banded pockets across the back of the interior compartment. 7" wide x 8" tall
  • Double-zipper closure for main compartment keeps all your contents secured
  • Zippered front compartment is 14" wide, 8-1/2" tall
  • Front flap has straight zippered opening providing access to a zippered mesh pocket, cell phone pocket, two pen pockets, and key clip
  • On one end of the bag, there is a padded zippered pocket with a headphone port - perfect for your iPod or MP3 player
  • On the other end, a zip-away mesh water bottle pocket
  • The front flap remains closed with four magnets
  • Zippered pocket against the outside back measures 14" wide, 6-1/2" tall
  • Unzip a hide-away compartment to extend a Yoga Mat Sling
  • Adjustable shoulder strap uses 2 wide webbing, and a truly non-slip shoulder pad that is movable, removable, and padded. Adjusts from a 13" to 25" drop
  • YKK® zippers with stylish corded zipper pulls
  • Soft-hand nylon exterior

Detailed Product Description

Kalya - Sanskrit for Well, Healthy, Ready, Able, Capable. This multi-function Tote represents all of the above.

Product Specifications

16" x 9.5" x 6"
1 lb, 8 oz
1181 cu. in.
Soft-hand Nylon
Our Promise - Lifetime Warranty -Exchange, return, whatever it takes
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Product Reviews

Ratings Summary


Based on 2,432 reviews

93% recommended
Most Helpful Review
  • Posted: 9/9/2013
  • Reviewer: Evelyn from Calabash, NC
positive review
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8 person(s) out of 8 found this review helpful.
"Used this along with the 29" duffel during a trip to Europe. Was able to carry quite a bit in this bag to put under the airplane seat and also have a carryon. Good quality and lots of pockets."
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  • Posted: 1/12/2013
  • Reviewer: Julie from San Bernardino, CA
positive review
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309 person(s) out of 310 found this review helpful.
"BEST EVER!!! Bought this to use as a purse for travel and it's brilliant for that. It counts as the purse or small bag (rather than the carry on) and fits perfectly under the seat but is large enough to hold everything I want during the flight and my computer and my liquids bag. With all the separate pockets I can grab the security check stuff without having to sort through other things. I've also been using it as an everyday purse and it's great for that as well. And the pull out wrap section at the bottom (shown on the site as holding a yoga mat) is PERFECT for holding a rolled up coat on flights so one doesn't have a bunch of separate items to have to remember to pick up all the time."
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  • Posted: 1/20/2011
  • Reviewer: Jennifer
positive review
+ More Details
265 person(s) out of 268 found this review helpful.
"This bag is awesome. There's nothing that can't fit in here. Even with all the stuff I carry daily (including a hardback library book) there's still room for my laptop! Unfortunately, that's the drawback to this bag - it's HUGE! It really isn't meant to be a purse/handbag. I'm always clonking it into something because it's so wide. There are SO many compartments I forget where I've put stuff and have to hunt. I love the side zipper pockets - I keep my cell in the one with the headphone opening. Perfect fit and I never have to dig for it! I'll probably save this bag for travel. Looking for a smaller bag I got the Piazza - it's like the Kalya's exact Mini-Me, but too small! Please, eBags, make a medium size!"
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 6/13/2010
  • Reviewer: Charley from Astoria, NY
positive review
+ More Details
131 person(s) out of 132 found this review helpful.
"It is a great carry on bag. It holds everything I will need on the plane (sweater,pillow,book,ipod,earphones,camera,water bottle, etc). Plus I shove my purse inside,so this counts as my one personal item. I can still bring another bag as my carry on. It is also great to use for day trips."
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  • Posted: 5/21/2007
  • Reviewer: Yvonne from Grover Beach, CA
positive review
+ More Details
90 person(s) out of 91 found this review helpful.
"I bought this bag because I need a giant purse to carry all my stuff in. My wallet, a little toiletry kit, a ham radio, cell phone, keys, iPod, blood sugar meter, emergency snack and on and on and on... It fits everything like a charm, and has PLENTY of room to spare. I recently used it as an overnight bag for the hospital, it had plenty of room for clothes, books, magazines, other stuff to do, medications, and what ever else I could think of to stuff in there. My husband loves it, because now he can pawn off his wallet and what not on me. So there are some drawbacks. ha ha. Overall I'd give this 5 of 5 stars, great bag, very durable, strong, comfortable to use."
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  • Posted: 3/21/2013
  • Reviewer: Fern from Richmond, VA
positive review
+ More Details
61 person(s) out of 62 found this review helpful.
"I bought this bag to use on a cruise as a carry-on in June. I haven't used it that way yet, but I think it will hold everything I need to carry-on the ship. I did use it on an unexpected trip and I was extremely pleased with the function of the bag. It has so many pockets and I LOVE that it has some compartments under the flap that are not obvious to others. Even the flap is disguised, which allows you to hide important items like a tablet, passport, or important papers that you don't want stolen. The drink holder on the side of the bag is wonderful and very functional. The pocket for an iPod or phone is great and all the pockets are great. My ONLY complaint is that the big inner compartment needs more pockets, but that's probably just me. I bought an organizer for that part of the bag and it made it perfect! I love the straps on the bottom of the bag that I plan to use for a beach towel or a sweater so everything will be in one bag. My laptop will actually fit in this bag along with all my other belongings and I am terrible about carrying everything except the kitchen sink in my bag. This bag has one strap with a padded wrap that makes carrying a lot of heavy items helps distribute the weight so that you don't feel how much you are carrying. It allowed me to carry a lot more and for longer periods of time than I ever expected. It also keeps it from slipping off your shoulder. I LOVE this bag! I also have the day bag. I will post a review on that one as well. I would love to have the one in between the large and the very small bag. Oh and the material wipes clean if it gets dirty. AMAZING bag!"
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 9/5/2005
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Gurnee, IL
positive review
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183 person(s) out of 189 found this review helpful.
"The person(s) who designed this item think like me! I like flap bags because of their appearance, but I like zip-top bags for their easy access. This design has both! I particularly like the magnets that hold the flap in place because they do the job well, keeping the neat appearance of the bag, without being ugly and difficult to open like those squeeze clasps on other bags. There is a place for everything, yet if one needs a minimal number of these pockets, the appearance is not junked up by the fact that they are there. Even when in use, only the water bottle compartment would interfere with the original lines of the bag. I did a couple experiments, after having seen the photograph with the shirt inside. I found the bag held one pair of my son's 30" long bulky jeans, and two men's XL t-shirts, with room left for perhaps both minimalist underwear and nightwear and/or a medium sized makeup case. The items had to be folded, then rolled. I was able to fit a combination of books, a wirebound notebook, and a 1" wide standard binder into the compartment with a little room to spare. The items measured 7" across total. It took me about 3 days to figure out how to bring the mat carrier out for use. On the side without the flap, there is another zipped area toward the bottom of the bag, through which one reaches upward to draw out the mat holder. On the bottom of the bag, on the same side as the flap, are two nearly completely concealed fastener straps which also have to be drawn out from their hiding spot to be used. Snap the fasteners together, and viola! The material is quite attractive, having the feel of nylon, with a far more sophisticated appearance than any other nylon tote I've ever seen, thanks to the muted striping effect. My only dislike is that underneath the iPod holder, is a 2"x1"' rubber label bearing the name eBags. A smaller cloth label would have been much nicer."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 7/19/2010
  • Reviewer: Judy from Falls Church, VA
positive review
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22 person(s) out of 22 found this review helpful.
"For teaching private violin I need something with flat storage for music and attendance papers (which is under the front flap and rainproofed) as well as plenty of room for metronomes, shoulder rests, tools, etc. I was using a much larger bag but surprise! This is just as big inside and looks much smaller outside (how do they do that?) It has a jillion pockets I'm still discovering, 2 end pockets, one with a rubber outlet for I-pod etc, the other with a net for my water thermos. The hidden sling that drops underneath is ingenius! Its assigned use is for a yoga mat, but you could use it for anything extra you needed to carry, like a beach towel or jacket. The whole thing closes and zips up neatly and looks about the size of a large purse. The only thing that would make it better is if it were leather, but then it wouldn't be so light and fun for everyday use. Mine is purple, not a really bold purple, so its appropriate with everything I wear for teaching."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 1/18/2006
  • Reviewer: Lauren Jill from Honolulu, HI
positive review
+ More Details
95 person(s) out of 99 found this review helpful.
"I bought this bag after a long search for the perfect gym bag. And after using this bag for two weeks I would say this ranks as close to perfect as you can get without designing the bag yourself. The bag is remarkably lightweight for all the pockets and gadgets it has, which is good because it can fit a lot inside, so you wouldn't want a lot of extra weight. The best part is compartments galore, including several hidden ones for cellphone, water bottle and yoga mat, plus waterproof inside pockets. There are also magnets sewn into the lining of the flap pockets (a nice touch) so they don't flap around. And the padding on the shoulder is ample without being bulky. You can fit a pair a gym sneakers, a change of clothes, workout towel, and gym clothes in the main compartment- great space! The one improvement I would make would be retractable handles (since everything else is tucked in tight!). I've been showing this off for days-"
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 12/3/2010
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Frederick, MD
positive review
+ More Details
19 person(s) out of 19 found this review helpful.
"I love this bag. I bought it in Willow, used it for months, bought the black one, and just got 2 more! I love my purses, but due to back/neck problems, the fancy expensive name brands in my closet, stay in the closet and these are the ones I use daily. And I have used them daily for almost 2 years. They have held up superbly. They repel water and staining and have a place for everything. I do mean everything. I keep my wallet, notepad, brush, glasses, MP3 player (in a separate container) all in the main section. Within the interior section are pockets which hold gum packs (plural), medicine container, inhalers, and hand sanitizer. Plus in the zippered compartment I have huge quantities of lipsticks in various colors. Outside side pockets hold my cell phone and extras. I keep my keys in the front flap (I have a huge keychain with a good many keys). Under the front flap, I keep tissues, wetwipes and toilet seat covers (for those times when stalls are out of necessities)! Plus on the other side is another outside zippered area which is where I keep my bluetooth headset for cell phone, pens and extras. It is truly an amazingly big "little" bag."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 9/5/2006
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Phoenix, AZ
positive review
+ More Details
54 person(s) out of 56 found this review helpful.
"I LOVE the Kalya Tote! I first purchased it as a carry-on for a trip. I needed to have something I could have with me at all times to hold parent permission/emergency papers for the students I was chaperoning - as well as personal items. The Kalya was perfect for the trip and I was able to carry a folder with all the paperwork, small purse, SLR digital camera, camera accessories, medication, book, small cosmetic bag, and sunglasses in a case. In addition, pens/pencils and a few other goodies. After the trip, I decided to use this as an everyday bag. I can carry a folder with papers to grade (8.5x11 papers in a manila folder fit perfectly), lunch, video tapes and CDs, small purse and lots more -- all in one bag - back and forth to school. I really appeciate the zippers -- they protect the contents much better than any other type of closure. The shoulder strap is wide so it's quite comfortable. And the side pockets for water bottles, etc. are a nice touch. Speaking of pockets ... there are so many of them! Lots of room for a variety of items and the pockets make it easy to organize your stuff. The size of the Kalya is perfect for airline carry-on. It fits nicely under the seat in front of you. In fact, I'm going overseas next month and the Kalya will be right with me on the plane. So far, I've had no problems at all with this tote. I bought the eggplant color so it's easy to spot and it doesn't show dirt and grime. This bag is sturdy as all get out and it won't be heavy unless you fill it with heavy items. I liked it so much I bought one for a friend as a thank-you gift!"
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