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eBags Piazza Day Bag

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94% recommended

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8 Colors
Black Cornflower (Limited Edition) Eggplant Espresso Navy Pale Rhubarb (Limited Edition) Sage (Limited Edition) Sandstone

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Product Features

  • Designed to keep you contained throughout your travels – offering the perfect marriage between form and function.
  • Guaranteed for life under the eBags Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable shoulder strap allows you to wear the bag on your shoulder or across your body - fully extended strap measures 48" long
  • Includes ample pockets, pouches and compartments to keep everything in its place – complete with a zip-away mesh water bottle pocket
  • Ultra-lightweight but fits everything you need on your journey
  • Premium YKK® zippers with stylish corded zipper pulls for a lifetime of opening and closing
  • Zippered opening on the main compartment allows for easy access into the main compartment
  • Inside are two blousy pockets with elastic tops, perfect to hold camera, glasses or other bulky items. A zippered wall pocket adds organization and security
  • Front flap has a zippered pocket, unzip this pocket and inside you will find:
    • fleece lining on the outside panel to keep your belongings comfy
    • a shallow fleece lined pocket for holding sunglasses, MP3 player or anything else that needs a little extra protection and cradling
    • key leash to keep your keep keys handy
  • Lift the flap to access a smart 'U' shaped pocket, perfect for items you want to access quickly, behind this pocket is an additional zippered pocket
  • Hidden magnets keep this flap in place
  • On the other end, a zip-away mesh water bottle pocket
  • On the back there is a zippered pocket, perfect place for guide books
  • 'Silver' lining makes seeing inside the bag easy

Detailed Product Description

This day bag has all of the makings of a fast getaway. Chic styling whether you are strolling the Champs-Elysees or en route to noonday Pilates, this is the perfect companion piece.

Product Specifications

9" x 9" x 3.5"
8 oz
Soft-hand nylon
Our Promise - Lifetime Warranty -Exchange, return, whatever it takes
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Product Reviews

Ratings Summary


Based on 7,862 reviews

94% recommended
Most Helpful Review
  • Posted: 2/15/2015
  • Reviewer: Cynthia from Elk Grove, CA
positive review
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48 person(s) out of 50 found this review helpful.
"I just got this on a Friday and immediately started using it over the weekend. I love it! So many organizational pockets, zippered areas. It didn't look like it would hold much, but there is a lot of room. I've already shared/showed it with my friends. The shoulder strap is wide and comfortable."
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  • Posted: 4/11/2010
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Macomb, MI
positive review
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509 person(s) out of 514 found this review helpful.
"The Piazza Day Bag was just the over the shoulder bag I needed for our eight trip to Orlando. It held up very well through Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens, the beach and the flight to and from. It is big enough to hold all your essentials for a trip but not too big to carry around all day. It is also very lightweight and loaded with different pockets and areas to organize your things well. I loved the pocket for the water bottle. Carried a water bottle everywhere in it. The only problem I had the whole trip with the bag was it demagnized my motel key. Another review said it is possible and believe me,it did it to mine twice before I realized what was causing my room key not to work. I would stick the room key in the outer flap pocket and sure enough the next day it would not work. Finally after getting two different room keys I started keeping the key in the inside of my small wallet I carried inside the Piazza Day Bag. It didn't happen again. If I ever travel again I will take the same bag. I know now not to put credit cards or motel keys next to magnets!"
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  • Posted: 2/22/2013
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Midwest
positive review
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397 person(s) out of 401 found this review helpful.
"Bought this for a recent trip to Disney World, hoping to get rid of my usual backpack and go to a crossbody bag. This bag is FABULOUS!!! It was an absolutely perfect bag for long days at the parks. It is small-ish, though certainly not tiny, but I could not believe everything it fit! The many pockets and zippered areas made me feel like all my valuables and cash were safe at all times. The main compartment is deep and the opening is a bit small and curved, so I always felt that my wallet was deep in there and secure. I did switch to a smaller wallet for the trip. My big "clutch" wallet would have fit, but taken up more room. The water bottle holder was perfect -- it fit a standard plastic water bottle snugly, and did not awkwardly make the bag pull to one side, an amazing feature. Regular water bottles DO fit in this bag, one just has to "force" them in around the tight elastic. I carried a bottle with me every day and it was so convenient. I easily slipped small souvenirs into the main area throughout the day, and was amazed by how the bag "expanded" as needed. A large souvenir, like a sweatshirt, would not have fit in the bag, but I tied my jacket around the shoulder strap every day. I carried wallet, camera, cell phone (iPhone), water bottle, band-aids, motrin (the walking!), room key card, chapstick, and one of those big round containers of chewing gum, and had tons of room left. My cell phone fit so nicely in the outside zippered pocket with felt lining, easily accessed for texting with friends at the park while leaving my wallet safe in the main section. The strap can be made very long, is extremely comfortable, and is wide enough to prop along the shoulder to avoid the "neck rub" when temperatures rise. I got the tan color, which is just a standard tan. Nothing special. But the features of this bag for travel simply cannot be beat. It also would be a great bag for everyday use. It is a durable, extremely well-designed, and secure bag, and it is a great size."
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  • Posted: 4/29/2011
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Schererville, IN
positive review
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636 person(s) out of 644 found this review helpful.
"I used this bag when I went on a medical brigade in Honduras. It was great for carrying around everything that I would need for the day when we set up our rural clinics including my water bottle, stethoscope, toys for kids, my lunch, and other materials. It holds WAY more than it appears and I was able to organize things very well in each of the inner pockets. I love this bag!"
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  • Posted: 7/25/2010
  • Reviewer: Lana from Bellingham, WA
positive review
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210 person(s) out of 212 found this review helpful.
"Very roomy -- and lots of pockets for optimum organization. One side pocket fits my iPhone perfectly, and the other works for a small water bottle. I especially like the key holder -- I can snap my keys onto the ribbon, and tuck them into the side pocket (Im notorious for losing my keys in the bottom of my purse). The strap is long enough to use as a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag, and the bag itself isn't heavy at all -- important if you load your bag down as much as I do mine. Can you say shoulder relief? This bag appears to have been designed by a woman, as it seems to have solved the problems I usually have with other bags. In short, this is a well-designed bag at a good price. Definitely recommend."
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  • Posted: 4/30/2011
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Alpharetta, GA
positive review
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299 person(s) out of 303 found this review helpful.
"Excellent organization. I took this on a trip to Europe and enjoyed it very much! Perfect length (which can be easily modified) for cross-body. I walked for two weeks and used this purse as my only means for camera, taxi money, phone, and more, and it even had room to hold most of my souvenirs (t-shirt, postcards, etc.) during my travels. When it rained one day in France, the purse held up beautifully. This would be great for anytime use, but for traveling I found it worth it's weight in gold!"
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  • Posted: 4/25/2012
  • Reviewer: Julie G from Seattle, WA
positive review
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675 person(s) out of 688 found this review helpful.
"THE SHORT: If Batman carried a purse, this would be it. THE LONG: I am a Functional Bag Snob, and I am in love with this bag. As a long-time fan of Haiku and Sherpani, I went to them first when it was time to get a new bag, but returned each of the new bags I purchased from them. I longed for something good-looking, but not cutesy. Versatile enough for work, weekends, travel, mom-gear, date night, and errands. Also, not only do I need a bag small enough to fit into the front compartment of my back pack for bus commuting, but it must also be small enough to look slick when I go out and about and not resemble a piece of luggage or diaper bag in any way. However, any bag of mine must have magical expansion capabilities for when I need to carry my wallet, sunglasses, both my and my daughter's steel water bottles, her extra socks and sweater, and snacks. Plus I absolutely demand a bag that has a safe place for my phone, and separate compartments for each of the following: (1) band-aids & wet wipes, (2) folded plastic bags to reuse at the store, (3) pen & paper, (4) keys and lip balm, and (5) that emergency supply of restaurant napkins that all moms carry. Like I said, "Functional Bag Snob." Enter the Piazza from eBags. I've never seen anything like it, and believe me, I've looked! The strap is long (I'm tall), wide, and strong; the hardware is solid (I'm an engineer) and sleek (I love the sewn-in hidden magnets on the front flap); and has more pockets than I've ever wished for (I even have a place to put a little mirror and a few different lip glosses). I will say that everything you've read about the side bottle pocket being small is true - I put my 24 oz bottle in the main compartment, but my daughter's smaller one fits on the side when I need it. I bought it in brown, I strung a cute little ribbon through the front zipper pull for decoration, and it has been part of my family ever since. I'm only surprised I haven't named it yet. Change your life: buy the Piazza."
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  • Posted: 4/30/2011
  • Reviewer: Ellen from LA
positive review
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154 person(s) out of 157 found this review helpful.
"I bought this as a theft deterrent for my recent trip to France. It was smaller than I thought I needed and at first I was disappointed as my daughter said it was not fashionable, but it turned out to fit my needs perfectly. Just as the other reviews promised, it held everything and was brilliantly well thought out. The construction was good and it cleans easily. I thought my black bag went well enough with dressy clothes and I am very happy with my purchase.."
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  • Posted: 4/27/2011
  • Reviewer: agnostida from Seattle, WA
positive review
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303 person(s) out of 312 found this review helpful.
"Bought two, one black, one eggplant. I will be sending the eggplant back. Perhaps it is just this particular dye-lot, but the color has a fluorescent pink-sheen overtone giving the bag a Barbie-color look and not at all like the picture. I am not a fashion-purse connoisseur and on the website the purses seemed attractive. In real-life, however, they are rather dismal. For the bag I am keeping, I immediately used a seam ripper and removed the plastic e-bag insignia and the rubber headphone protector. This helped immensely and did not compromise the nylon body. After much deliberation, I also removed the zipper pulls. Again, immediate improvement. The cords on the pulls are multi-colored and stand out unattractively on the black purse. Additionally, this bag narrows towards the top making the straps pull oddly and leaving the top with a funny pucker. It is also this narrowing that contributes to my biggest frustration with the bag. The main interior is plenty roomy but you can't effectively utilize all the space because of the awkward opening. So close to being perfect! Cut two inches off the height, add it to the width and reconfigure the straps so that the top zippered opening is fully accessible. If this were done, I wouldn't care what ugly zipper pulls were used! As it is, the main compartment will accommodate a Kindle2 (which is larger than the current gen. Kindle), plus a camera, wallet, make-up bag & travel umbrella and still have room to spare. The purse is roomy enough, yet light enough that I am using everyday, sometimes with very little in it, sometimes crammed full, depending on necessity. Be careful of the magnetic closures on the flap. They are quite strong and will demagnetize things like metro-cards and hotel keys. All in all, I'm glad I have this bag."
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  • Posted: 12/16/2012
  • Reviewer: Su from Oakton, VA
positive review
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88 person(s) out of 90 found this review helpful.
"I like the option of having a cross-body bag since I also carry a laptop case every day. I like the compartments - there aren't so many that you can never remember where you put something, but there are enough that you can organize all the stuff you want to carry. Particularly like that there are a couple of compartments that are "hidden", so if you were carrying a passport it would be protected. I was also surprised at how much I can carry in this bag - recently I had a large wallet, a thick paperback book, and several smaller items in the main compartment. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the shoulder strap itself. It's kind of stiff (but will likely soften up a little with use). I would definitely buy again."
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  • Posted: 11/20/2012
  • Reviewer: Kara from Phoenix, AZ
positive review
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183 person(s) out of 190 found this review helpful.
"I purchased the eBags Villa Cross Body bag about 8 months before buying the Piazza Day Bag in the color sunset. I had made the decision to buy the Cross Body after comparing it to the Piazza and considering the dimensions--It looked like the Cross Body (CB) would hold more items. However, I was wrong. After receiving the Piazza bag, I realized it is the better bag for me for these reasons: 1. The Piazza bag has a wider base, allowing it to stand upright (keeping it cleaner than the Cross Body, which has to lie on its side when placed down). 2. The much-thicker strap on the Piazza will resist wear and tear better than the CB's strap, which started fraying within the first 3 months. (eBags is sending a replacement strap for the CB, though, which I appreciate). 3. The Piazza's shape and compartment design makes it a little easier to find things than the CB. 4. The magnetic snap closure on the Piazza front flap makes it super easy to get to my wallet. 5. Having a place to hold a small water bottle is a plus here in Phoenix! If you must have a cross body bag, you will be very happy with the Villa, but for me, the Piazza will be my every day go-to bag. I really love it and will be buying another in black soon!"
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