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eBags Router Wheeled Laptop Convertible

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Jet Black -  (Currently out of Stock)

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92% recommended

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Product Features

  • Mono-pole handle extends to 43" for reduced heel-kicking. The handle locks in place when fully extended, allowing you to PUSH as well as pull
  • When fully retracted, the handle zips away into a hide-away pocket
  • No space is wasted on the Router - on either side of the mono-pole handle are zippered shoulder pockets. Perfect for network cables, AC adapter, compact umbrella, etc. 17"h x 5.5"w x 1.25"d
  • Side-load Laptop compartment for fast access - 13.375" tall opening with lots of padding built in, plus removable pillows that are individually adjustable in thickness for smaller notebooks
  • Diagonally offset zippered main compartment for easy access to your books. 17.5"h x 13.5"w x 5.5"d plus a 10.5"w x 7"h slash pocket
  • Full featured organizer compartment has pen pockets, zippered pocket for misc. items, zippered mesh pocket, an I.D. pocket and a key leash clip
  • Inside the organizer compartment, you'll find a fleece-lined pouch pocket for your cell phone plus another open-top pocket for your PDA
  • Zippered front pocket measures 12.75" tall, 9.5" wide
  • On one of the bottom corners, you will find a zippered padded pouch pocket - perfect for a PDA or Cell phone
  • On the other bottom corner, you'll find a zippered pouch pocket with a drop-bottom mesh pocket - perfect for bottled water or soda
  • Unzip the back cover to reveal S-curved Airmesh padded shoulder straps - adjustable from 16" to 32"
  • When used as a backpack, the back panel folds down and around the bottom to cover the wheels keeping your back clean
  • High-visibility orange nylon lining makes finding your stuff a lot easier
  • High contrast 2-Tone nylon exterior is a cross-weave of brilliant color and black
  • 840 denier nylon for all exterior black panels
  • Contoured fabric grab handle
  • Self-repairing coil zippers have pullers that use photo-reflective sport cords for nighttime safety

Detailed Product Description

Side-load laptop storage with lots of padded protection, sturdy mono-pole handle system, cavernous main compartment, plus lots of other great features make the new Router Wheeled Laptop Convertible an excellent choice for both students and professionals.

Designer Notes

We built the Router with the best features available. Side-load laptop storage for quick access and total isolation from the rest of the bags contents, a huge main compartment for text books, an efficient organizer section plus clever pockets in all the right places. Bernard Majeau, Product Design Manager

Product Specifications

Laptop Compartment Dimensions:i
13.2" x 11.2" x 2"
19.5" x 14" x 12"
8 lbs, 4 oz
1872 cu. in.
2520 + 840 D Nylon
Handle height when fully extended: 43"
Our Promise - Lifetime Warranty -Exchange, return, whatever it takes
Linear Inches:i
Catalog #:i

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Product Reviews

Ratings Summary


Based on 2,611 reviews

92% recommended
Most Helpful Review
  • Posted: 12/16/2013
  • Reviewer: Scott from Honolulu, HI
positive review
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2 person(s) out of 2 found this review helpful.
"Gave this to my son for school. He said that it is too heavy. Well made."
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  • Posted: 2/3/2005
  • Reviewer: Walter from Houston, TX
positive review
+ More Details
126 person(s) out of 135 found this review helpful.
"My comments are directed to those who want to minimize luggage but still carry a notebook computer, a small amount of paperwork/office supplies and various pieces of equipment including (ac/dc converters, J45 cable, AC cable(s), Cellular, PDA , GSP, small digital camera, small umbrella, micro-flashlight, battery charger for digital camera, etc). Change of clothes (underwear, shirts, socks, etc.; where extra shoes, jeans, etc. aren’t required) for a two – three day trip. Reduce cosmetic to a minimum. Fully packed (not stuffed) this ebag easily goes overhead in large aircraft and fits under the seat in small jets and tubo-props (when placing under the seat, put the top of the bag in first leaving the bottom sticking out towards feet; a snug, but not a forced accommodation). Learn to pack. When you think you’ve got it, empty it and do it again. Make a list of where you put things (very helpful) because this ebag has many surprises for where things fit. I have accumulated a good assortment of small zippered soft containers which seem to work perfectly in the back framework (hiding spaces for cords, converters, etc.). Learn to organize and exploit the spaces effectively. I waited to write this experience following a recent two night trip. The ebag always went inside with me, never had to check it! Durability relies on top notch materials! Read other peoples experiences. I purposely didn’t reiterate what they said because all users have something to add. Solid black gives the ebag the right touch of class it deserves. NOTE: it is real easy to piggy-back a small bag onto this ebag."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 7/12/2006
  • Reviewer: Kailey from Mount Juliet, TN
positive review
+ More Details
37 person(s) out of 39 found this review helpful.
"Well built for durability, with lots of storage pockets, this bag wastes no space and I anticipate it will last for years. I have looked at and researched every bag out there. This one is superior. I bought one for my niece for graduation and liked it so much, I got myself one also. It is easy to organize cords and accessories. There is a pocket with dividers for pens, phone, keys, etc. The main center section could stand to have antother sub-pocket or two, or an alternate divider as things tend to migrate to the bottom. The conversion from pull along to backpack is quick and easy and the handle stows neatly away in a zippered pocket. The shoulder straps are placed well and are comfortably padded. I really like that this also provides a cover flap for the wheels so you don't get dirty when you convert to a backpack. It was the only bag I found that does that. It was tight to get my 15.4" laptop in the special pocket, but after a few times, it is getting easier. The orange lining makes it easier to see what is inside, although I would prefer bright lime green to dark orange. The bag is big but stable. The way it is arranged, the weight is distributed for comfort. Once loaded, it is heavy, (but they all are) but carrying is seems easy. The bag also has the smoothest pull to it than any luggage I have ever tried and it maneuvers well without getting off balance and falling over. All in all, the bast bag I have seen and/or used."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 1/23/2005
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer from Oak Hill, VA
positive review
+ More Details
360 person(s) out of 389 found this review helpful.
"Purchased this bag after much research, and am delighted. The only negative might be the wide base, but it does actually fit under most airline seats if you insert head first. The base may extend into the foot area but I haven't had an airline object, and I am delighted that the bag doesn't tip over. The other great features: 1. Roomy enough to carry a couple of rolled suits and other essentials and avoid luggage check-in. 2. Well padded laptop protection with convenient side load for airport and customs inspection. 3. Light weight. I'm a 100 lb weakling, and fully loaded, can manage it just fine. 4. Sturdy zippers. 5. Can push and pull it, and the handle is long enough to prevent heel popping. 6. Truly great design. Holds tons of stuff. Can be worn as a backpack easily, and can convert to a wheeled tote easily. I own "designer" luggage that cannot top the design of this sturdy yet lightweight wheeled bag. I'm really, really glad that I found this bag. Off for a week of international travel, and it will be my only companion. This bag is two thumbs up!"
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  • Posted: 1/27/2005
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Chicago, IL
positive review
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115 person(s) out of 124 found this review helpful.
"I am not nice to this bag. I drag this bag up steps, on and off trains, through snow and slush and freezing puddles, over salty sidewalks and muddy yards and it has performed brilliantly. The laptop compartment is super secure and very well padded and keeps my 15 inch Powerbook snug and safe. The center compartment holds the tremendously heavy law books that I used to have to carry on my back which allows me to take more books home. Empty, this bag weighs 7.5 pounds, which seems prohibitively heavy, but it actually weighs less than other less sturdy bags. Given how much I actually carry it instead of wheel it, this added weight is no big deal. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone. It's well worth the cost and I expect it will last for the rest of my academic career."
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  • Posted: 9/1/2004
  • Reviewer: Jim from Dacula, GA
positive review
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112 person(s) out of 121 found this review helpful.
"I purchased this bag in hopes of having something simple that could accomodate my busy travel schedule, and my need to carry a laptop, office supplies and some personal medical equipment. This bag has exceeded every expectation that I had. As this is the first time I've purchased from E-Bags, I was a bit skeptical, however, this bag has certainly been worth every penny. Similar bags with the carrying capabilities are being sold for $300+!! This bag is very tough, and the handle is made very well. It collapses down into the bag and has a zippered pocket to protect it, in case you are forced to check the bag. The backpack function is very easy to use, and the foldover flap to keep your back clean is ingenious. The professional skate wheels make this bag VERY easy to push or pull, and it is thin enough to push onto the plane. The padding is thick, providing the laptop and any other gear with a soft, well protected ride. I purchased this bag with the all black exterior, (which looks great) and it came with a halloween orange interior, which shocked me at first. However, I can now simply glance at the bag, and determine if any pocket is open, and I welcome the bright interior color for the contrast it provides when looking for something small in the bottom of a pocket. Speaking of pockets, I've had the bag for two weeks now, and I am still discovering pockets! This is an incredible bag, and I have begun recommending it to all of my fellow travelling engineers. Thanks EBags..."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 8/25/2004
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Little Silver, NJ
positive review
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142 person(s) out of 154 found this review helpful.
"This is an excellent bag. It is extremely sturdy and is plenty big, but the best thing about it is the wonderful quiet wheels that glide almost effortlessly and with a minimum of noise. I am a second year law student attending class in a city, and I take the train. Last year I used an extremely noisy and annoying bag. Every crack in the sidewalk, every pebble, every groove in the floor was amplified by the rickety wheels on last year's awful bag. It is such a relief not to have to put up with that any longer. This bag holds my laptop and about three big fat law books plus my lunch and everything that I normally fit in a medium-sized purse. That's a lot of stuff. Also last year's bag started to disintegrate within weeks of purchase. For the rest of the year I held it together with duct tape. My new bag appears to be remarkably study, particularly the handle. I highly recommend this bag."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 1/11/2006
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from San Mateo, CA
positive review
+ More Details
35 person(s) out of 38 found this review helpful.
"I purchased this bag in 9/2004 (yes, I'm a bit late for the review). I'm a nursing student and use my laptop frequently during class. I love the organizational pockets for my pens, pencils, PDA, cell, power cord, etc. I've used it in rough terrain and during the rainy season, and even now it still looks almost like new. I recommend this roller backpack highly if you're looking for a durable bag with a laptop compartment and lots of organizational pockets. And even if you don't need the laptop compartment, you can always use it to store your books. I haven't seen one bag that comes close to comparison in durability, looks & price combined and I've checked almost all of them for about 3 months before I finally went with this one. One of the best things I liked especially is the smooth quiet wheels. Even my classmates sometimes offer to pull my back pack for me because they like how quiet and smooth the wheels are."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 1/30/2005
  • Reviewer: Chris from Baldwin Park, CA
positive review
+ More Details
50 person(s) out of 55 found this review helpful.
"I work fulltime, have MBA classes on the weekend and weeknights, and do some business travel. With the amount of books I have to carry, this bag is perfect. The wheels and handle work well, and the side laptop compartment is very convenient (although I do have to remind myself when I have a lot of books not to lie the bag flat, with all the weight on the laptop. Who knows how much force the laptop can get while the bag is bouncing in a car.) This is a good size bag, and I can't imagine fitting it under an airline seat. Don't buy it if you don't have a need for it. But for those of you who find yourselves breaking your backs carrying a standard laptop bag and books in your hands, this bag is worth every cent. The moment my co-workers saw it, we bought two more bags for the department."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 5/3/2005
  • Reviewer: Anne from Cullman, AL
positive review
+ More Details
22 person(s) out of 24 found this review helpful.
"This backpack is what I asked for for my birthday! It's all I wanted. I was so tickled to open the box, it was like Christmas! It's got pockets for everything! I can even put my big insulated mug in the side pocket that zips out. I loved this backpack. It's got room for everything, then some. I am a 1st year law student, and I use my backpack as my locker. I can put 3 large law books, supplements and notebooks in the main pouch easily. My laptop fits in the back and is easy to access. I can slide an automatic umbrella in the back slot. I usually hang my insulated lunch bag and purse on the handle and off I go. The handle is super strong and I love that it locks so I can push it if I have to. But, the biggest plus for me it the silence. My old rolling backpack used to clunk along even on smooth floors. It was so loud, we couldn't carry a conversation. It was so embarassing. This one is so quiet that on the first day I used it, I slipped up on my friends and they all responded, "we didn't hear you coming." YES! My only negative about the bag is that when I have it full of laptop and books, it's hard to pick up and put in the car. I overload it, because it's not on my back. My friends all keep saying that they've got to get a rolling backpack to save their backs. If you've ever noticed lawyers who look like the hunchback of Notre Dame, it's because they didn't have this backpack."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 1/17/2005
  • Reviewer: Olinda from CA
positive review
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20 person(s) out of 22 found this review helpful.
"This is a high quality bag and it has many compartments which is great, especially for a college student. It's orange interior makes it easy to quickly find smaller items at the bottom of the bag. It's "rollar blade" wheels helps it glide along quietly and effortlessly. The pull up handle is strong and sturdy, not like some other handles that feel like they are going to break. I would recommend this bag to anyone that needs a durable and efficient bag. Oh yeah, it fits my 15" laptop prefectly. Great laptop bag!"
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