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eBags Savvy Laptop Tote

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92% recommended

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  • Shoulder straps for easy hands free carrying. These double handles have an 11 inch drop length.
  • Main compartment has zippered closure to keep your belongings safe
  • Front slash pocket for storage of airline ticket or items that require easy access
  • Vertical zip pocket on the front for secure storage
  • Pocket on one end unzips to hold a full size water bottle or larger items. Mesh gusset adds space
  • Other end features a pocket for umbrella or newspaper storage
  • Back of the bag has full size slash pocket that can hold files or magazines.
  • Pass thru strap allows you to slip bag over the handle of a wheeled suitcase
  • Inside is a well thought out business organizer panel. A place for pens, cell phone, PDA or any business essential.
  • Spacious main compartment has extra room for your business papers, magazines or whatever your day calls for
  • This smart tote includes a matching removable laptop sleeve that fits laptops up to 13x11x1-1/2"
  • Neoprene gussets on the laptop sleeve stretch to allow for slightly thicker laptops (up to 1-3/4")
  • Laptop sleeve fits neatly into snap closure pocket or can be carried by itself with simple handles
  • A matching accessory pouch is also included. This removable pouch conveniently snaps to an inside ring for security and easy access
  • Accessory pouch features a versitile webbing strap, a simple snap converts the strap into a wrist strap for carrying by itself
  • Accessory pouch keeps make-up, computer accessories or MP3 neat and within reach
  • Pouch can double as a wallet with 2 mesh pockets inside to hold cards or your cell phone
  • Lightweight, full featured, in colors to express yourself

Detailed Product Description

Proof that fashion and function are not mutually exclusive. Hip and full of attitude, this stylish laptop tote is designed to go wherever life may take you. Includes removable laptop sleeve and accessory pouch.

Designer Notes

Updated 2/25/09 - Please note that the laptop pocket dimensions shown are for the removable sleeve and not the un-padded pocket inside the tote.

Product Specifications

Laptop Compartment Dimensions:i
13" x 11" x 1.5"
14.25" x 13" x 7.5"
2 lbs, 1 oz
Soft-hand Nylon
Our Promise - Lifetime Warranty -Exchange, return, whatever it takes
Linear Inches:i
Catalog #:i

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Product Reviews

Ratings Summary


Based on 1,468 reviews

92% recommended
Most Helpful Review
  • Posted: 5/15/2014
  • Reviewer: Lucy from Parma, OH
positive review
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9 person(s) out of 9 found this review helpful.
"HP Chromebook 14in users - This bag is awesome and the laptop sleeve fits my laptop. Even though Ebags cautioned NO. I threw caution to the wind and purchased it anyway, fingers crossed. I was so thrilled ! I have previous experience with this bag, I adored it before when I had a dell xps studio 11 and made a trip out west. SO nice to simply pull out the sleeve instead of taking the whole bag apart for security checks. I found the bag totally useful for Massage school, the bag was able to hold all my electronics as well as a change of clothes . I was so saddened when I lost the bag in a move. When I went to re-order the SAVVY was unavailable. I asked EBAGS and they brought it back in select colors,and went on sale. Awesome bag for $40. Love the Cheery Cherry color. Thank you EBags for bringing this bag back !"
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  • Posted: 4/9/2013
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer
positive review
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86 person(s) out of 86 found this review helpful.
"I used this as a tote to bring on the plane with me along with my carry on. It was excellent for air travel! It holds an absolute ton and didn't get bulky. This is what I had in the bag for most of my recent trip - three small pouches with my usual handbag items (kleenex, makeup removing wipes, wet wipes, mirror, nail file, notebook, pens, advil, earplugs, sewing kit, hair ties, mini flashlight, bandanna, lots of other stuff), sunglasses, iPod, phone, jacket, large water bottle, ziplock bag of snacks, ziplock bag with liquids, small case with tweezers and nail clippers, small first aid kit, deck of cards, small reusable shopping bag, magazine, eye mask, neck pillow, altoids, wallet, boarding passes. Also I used the little pouch that came with the bag to store all my chargers. So that was in there too. It is a LOT of stuff! But the bag handled it perfectly. It was comfortable to carry but in the airport I put on top of my rolling bag and transported it that way. I didn't baby it and it never tried to fall off. The strap on the side worked well for keeping it secure. A GREAT bag for travel. I have in the purple and it's very pretty."
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  • Posted: 11/10/2010
  • Reviewer: Lani from Portland , OR
positive review
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218 person(s) out of 221 found this review helpful.
"Good bag. Very large, holds everything. Daily I use it to carry lunch, files, water bottle, dayplanner, thermos, tiny umbrella, charging cables, checkbook, business cards, 2-3 books, change of shoes or clothes, etc., and I can still zip the top. Organization is good, easy to place and find items, and yet the large interior section of the bag is big enough so items can sit side-by-side and/or you can put a large item in the bag without it bulging. Downsides: it can get heavy since it can hold so much (duh - cannot lighten what you put in it!), and it doesn't have a small zippered pocket in the lining inside (like many bags do) which I would like for stashing pens or other bits n bobs, but it's a minor defect. The computer sleeve is too small for a 17-inch laptop (but I knew it would be), but should fit a standard 15-inch just fine. I use the sleeve to hold files/books -- makes it really easy to access these items. The only real downside for me is travel: it's a bit snug for putting under an airline seat (just a bit tall), but it will fit. Also, if you slip it over the handle of rolling luggage, it doesn't always stay in place. The strap that you slip over the handle is a little too thin and loose for good stability, and the tiny bit of velcro meant to hold it in place is not sufficient. Since the bag can hold so much, the weight of its contents can cause it to tip or slide when pulling the luggage and this bag will fall off the top of the luggage and swing around the luggage handles, which can be a problem. (Probably wouldn't happen if I didn't pack so much, but then I wouldn't need such a large bag!) I got the black, and it's an attractive micro-fiber-type material, and seems to take a beating without showing marks, etc. Seems to be very durable, but I've only been using it a few months. The handles are long enough for carrying on the shoulder without slipping or crowding, even if wearing a coat. Overall, a good buy -- I recommend it."
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  • Posted: 7/9/2010
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer from Washington, DC
positive review
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160 person(s) out of 162 found this review helpful.
"KING OF BAGS!!! Listen ladies, I tote a lot of stuff with work to me each day -- my size 11 double-wide work shoes, 3 Tupperware containers for my breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack, my book for reading on the metro, my walkman (holla!) for listening to my book on cd while I'm walking to the metro, a water bottle, my wallet, things I need to mail, things I need to return, groceries (we have a 5 cent bag tax here for plastic bags that I refuse to pay!), and the list goes on and on and on... I had one leather bag that broke... Then another leather bag that broke... Then I carried a regular purse and a reusable shopping bag and looked like a hobo... Then a backpack that made my shirts ride up in the back... But now, NOW I have a bag that can handle it all! KING OF BAGS!!! So many compartments! So many ways to organize myself! So easy to clean! So easy to find things! So easy to store things! AND IT FITS OVER MY FAT ARMS!!! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Amen."
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  • Posted: 6/15/2011
  • Reviewer: Andi from Phoenix, AZ
positive review
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85 person(s) out of 86 found this review helpful.
"I love this bag! I have been using it for two years and it has held up wonderfully! The sleeve is great for my 15 inch macbook and the removable bag inside fits many chargers laptop, cell, ipod etc. On a recent trip I had my laptop, e reader, my daughters wii, six wii games and four controls and still able to fit magazines in the back pocket. I love that everything zips up and the strap on the back slides onto a luggage handle. It's worked awesome for a carry on or just everyday running around. I can fit a water bottle in one side pocket and a travel coffee mug in the other. I love this bag and hope that eBags continues to make it."
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  • Posted: 4/3/2011
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Farmington Hills, MI
positive review
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29 person(s) out of 29 found this review helpful.
"I'm very pleased with this bag. It is extremely well thought out, with storage for a laptop and pockets for every conceivable need. Two outside end pockets are perfect for storing an umbrella/easy access to a bottle of water. There's a small outside pocked that's perfect for boarding pass/passport and a larger one for newspapers & magazines. There's a good amount of space inside, too, and the little bag that's attached inside is another ingenious part of the bag. Mine did develop a hole in one of the handles after six months of daily use, including airplane travel, but eBags is replacing it and I am confident it's not a big problem. Overall, I am very, very satisfied with this bag, and would recommend it."
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  • Posted: 7/13/2012
  • Reviewer: Brandi
positive review
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45 person(s) out of 46 found this review helpful.
"Absolutely love this bag!! As a flight attendant for six years I am constantly on the lookout for the best bags for the best prices. ebags happened to be the first luggage I owned six years ago and up until a few months ago I used that luggage daily (finally time to retire it and find a new rollerboard). When I saw this bag I told my family all about it, I wanted to buy it but was going on a four month leave and couldn't justify buying something that would wait around for me. BUT Christmas arrived and what was under the tree? This perfect bag of course! I love how many pockets are inside, love that my laptop easily fit it's small container. I adore that I can fit my purse inside the bag as well. To give you an idea ... I have my macbook pro, iPad, large purse, papers, and nook in it at all times (aside from when using those objects of course). LOVE IT! I also keep an umbrella in the outer pocket and a small blanket rolled up in the water bottle pocket (seriously folks bring your own blankets, if there is a blanket available on the plane ... don't use it). The zipper on top is AMAZING!!! Practically water proof. If you are a woman .. buy this bag. I would have regretted never owning it."
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  • Posted: 11/10/2010
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Greenbelt, MD
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19 person(s) out of 19 found this review helpful.
"I like this bag a lot, and it is a nice laptop tote, but the main drawback is the short straps that are pinched at the top. I find it difficult to keep the straps from slipping off my shoulder when I am wearing a coat. Otherwise it is a good autumn bag, since it is roomy enough for me to put hat, scarf, and sweater in for the commute home."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 2/14/2008
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Royal Oak, MI
positive review
+ More Details
33 person(s) out of 34 found this review helpful.
"Functional, straightforward, and doesn't advterise its contents. A very nice bag indeed."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 7/4/2012
  • Reviewer: Susan from Pittsburgh, PA
positive review
+ More Details
11 person(s) out of 11 found this review helpful.
"I bought this specifically for a trip where I would be traveling on an airline with very strict carry-on and baggage limitations. It is small enough to qualify as a carry-on, but holds an enormous amount of stuff in a way that makes it accessible. It also slides onto the handle of most rolling luggage bags. It has a sleeve for my laptop (check that yours would fit, though), it has a zippered pouch that holds an ereader and its power cord and hooks onto a clip, it has various pockets and holders (pens, phone, other), and it is wide enough to leave room for much more besides. I stuffed a vest and a jacket and purse, plus all my paperwork and some books, besides my laptop and ereader along with their chargers, adaptors, drink, cane, and lots more, and it still looked neat and tidy. I was almost in disbelief that I was able to put so much in it. I am in awe of the designers -- and thankful to them, too!"
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 6/29/2007
  • Reviewer: Tiffany from Chandler, AZ
positive review
+ More Details
41 person(s) out of 44 found this review helpful.
"I use this bag to carry my laptop, lunch, water bottle, iPod, wallet, keys, and other daily accoutrements. It has many organizational pockets, is made out of very sturdy canvas, and also has a removable laptop sleeve with handles. It also has a small zippered bag, also with organizational pockets, that can be fully removed to carry wallet, keys, etc. when you don't want to take the whole bag (like going out for lunch). The strap snaps into the inside of the bag, or when removed snaps together to become a wrist strap. I got tired of carrying my laptop, lunch sack, AND purse. Now I have an all-in-one solution with plenty of room for everything I need. I got it in the dark blue/black/gray as I will probably beat this thing up and don't want it to show dirt. I highly recommend this item!"
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