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eBags Slim Packing Cubes - 3pc Set

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96% recommended

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10 Colors - from $22.49 to $24.99
Aquamarine Canary Denim Eggplant Grasshopper Peony Raspberry Tangerine Titanium Black

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Product Features

  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 14 x 5 in - great for socks, tee shirts, underclothes
  • Guaranteed for life under the eBags Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes premium YKK® zippers with corded pulls for a lifetime of opening and closing
  • Interior seams fully finished for durability and soft mesh tops won't damage delicate fabrics
  • Highest construction standards utilized - making it the number one packing cube brand
  • Webbing handle for convenience when carried by itself
  • Mesh top panel for easy identification of contents, and ventilation
  • Perfect size and shape for organizing every bit of space in your suitcase or carry-on
  • A favorite companion to the large, medium and small eBags Packing Cubes

Detailed Product Description

Great for socks, tee shirts, underclothes - Available in 10 colors.

Designer Notes

All solid colors are made with nylon fabric. All patterns are made with polyester fabric. If you are familiar with the nylon versions, you will find that the patterned polyester is a little bit stiffer. There is no difference in quality - just a different hand-feel.

Product Specifications

14" x 5" x 2.75"
8 oz
TechLite Diamond Nylon
Our Promise - Lifetime Warranty -Exchange, return, whatever it takes
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Product Reviews

Ratings Summary


Based on 5,663 reviews

96% recommended
Most Helpful Review
  • Posted: 12/8/2014
  • Reviewer: Margaret
positive review
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10 person(s) out of 10 found this review helpful.
"We use these whenever we pack, weekends, cruises, excursions, etc. Love, love, love them. Everything organized, items don't shift in suitcase. I make a list of what goes in each cube and leave the list in the cube, then when it's time to re-pack, I know what goes where. Of course, I purchased all the neat colors, sizes and different patterns. We like this method better than the squeeze-the-air-out bags."
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  • Posted: 7/15/2012
  • Reviewer: Rhonda from Oak Hills, CA
positive review
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73 person(s) out of 74 found this review helpful.
"I really like ALL the packing cubes but especially the slim packing cubes. They have really helped me keep my things organized. I use them to group different types of clothing - shirts in one, pants/shorts in another, bathing suits in another, etc, etc. They are great to drop into hotel dresser drawers and makes packing to go home (or on to the next destination) a breeze. I am now buying them for family and friends as gifts."
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  • Posted: 7/26/2013
  • Reviewer: Diane
positive review
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109 person(s) out of 111 found this review helpful.
"Love, Love, Love e-bags!!! Socks, Undies and small personal items in the slim bags. Swim suits, tops, cover-ups in the medium bags. Slacks, dress shirts in larger bag. Keeps everything neat. Bags go from suitcase directly into drawers and/or shelves at our destination. Keep my shampoo, and other liquid items in a gallon size zip lock bag (for leaks) and pop that right into my small e-bag. Keeps everything from shifting around. If you've never tried e-bags before, start with the S/M/L set; that way you'll see which sizes make the most sense for your packing needs. Lots of colors for each member of your family."
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  • Posted: 3/19/2013
  • Reviewer: Jessica from Las Vegas,NV
positive review
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337 person(s) out of 346 found this review helpful.
"LOVED THEM so much I also ordered the Large, Med and small Packing Cubes set to match my 3pc slim Packing Cubes set. I was able to use some for my clothes. I also put all my computer and cell phone accessories in one. And even used one for snacks for the hotel room. These cubes saved me so much time and energy while on my eleven day trip which included changing hotels four different times. I only had to take the cubes directly from my suitcase and set them in the dressers. What would usually take me at least an hour only took a few minutes. I also ordered a single RED packing cube for my first aid items,vitamins,and medications. One thing I would highly recommend is ordering assorted colored cubes for easy recognition ie; alike items or for other family members.Thank you eBags for these amazing Packing Cubes."
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  • Posted: 11/21/2009
  • Reviewer: Sharon from Williamsville, NY
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124 person(s) out of 128 found this review helpful.
"Love the packing cubes. Having them all the same size & shape would work better for me if they were different colors, that way I would only pull out the one that I need. Would love to be that much more efficient."
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  • Posted: 11/29/2012
  • Reviewer: Michael from Columbus Ohio
positive review
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144 person(s) out of 149 found this review helpful.
"These bags are just what I was looking for to help me organize my travel stuff. I like to travel light - very light. In fact I typically travel for over a month at a time with one carry on sized bag (a convertible carry on like one I recently purchased at Ebags, the Weekender Convertible... my old one made by another company wore out) and with an additional book bag. The convertible carry on looks like a regular piece of soft sided luggage till you unzip the padded shoulder straps and waist strap and, Voila! It's a backpack! Anyway, these packing cubes/bags help keep things from shifting around - important in a frameless backpack. Also, of course it helps to keep things organized. Electronics (camera, laptop gadgets, etc.) go in one bag and can be tossed into my book bag or placed, well padded in the middle of the convertible backpack if I check it in. Everything's easy to find and to organize! The packking cubes are lightweight but feel sturdy. Zippers are clearly sturdier than most and are a cut above the zippers I usually see on similar bags - and zippers are usually the first thing to wear out. Layout, sizes, proportion of these cubes/bags look great. I ordered the "raspberry" cubes a little reluctantly. Since I'm a guy, I wanted bags that would visibly stand out if accidently left on a bed in a hotel. But I didn't want anything vaguely pink either. These bags are what I'd simply call "red" (Hey, I'm a guy!), or maybe a wee bit off-red. Maybe I'd call them "sporty red". Anyway, I find then to be an attractive color that I'll guess would be well liked by most any man or woman. Finally, I'll add that when I ordered my convertible backpack, a small, detachable strap was missing. I told them this at Ebags and they sent me a free replacement strap, no questions asked and with very prompt shipping. Ebag's products seem to be very well thought out and very well made. At these prices I don't think you could go wrong!"
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  • Posted: 1/15/2013
  • Reviewer: David from NYC
positive review
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20 person(s) out of 20 found this review helpful.
"A week's worth of underwear in one. A week's worth of socks in another. Gloves, ties, and jamies in the other. Boom."
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  • Posted: 7/21/2012
  • Reviewer: Karen from Orem, UT
positive review
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18 person(s) out of 18 found this review helpful.
"Anyone who gives these bags a negative rating doesn't understand packing. These little wonders are the perfect sizes for so many things. They allow for compression of clothing in the way WE choose rather than in the way the baggage handlers choose! Our family has bought many of them in all shapes and sizes and every time we travel we find more uses for them and order more. We LOVE the fact that they come in so many different colors so we can color-code each person's things as well as some of the things we are always searching for - laundry items, first aid kit, etc. When we are on a vacation that involves moving from hotel to hotel, we do not have to unpack in order to access our clothes - and rifling through the suitcase doesn't mess up things. These wonderful bags work great in a hard-side suitcase, but are a life-saver if you are using a duffel and want your clothes to arrive wearable. I can't imagine traveling without them!"
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  • Posted: 5/12/2008
  • Reviewer: Jennifer from Ann Arbor, MI
positive review
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74 person(s) out of 78 found this review helpful.
"These slim packing cubes, along with your 3-piece set of different sizes are great for packing our family for travel. Every member of our family has a different color and we all share 1-2 big suitcases. It's very easy to pack up for our trip and our clothes, etc. stay organized and neat during the trip. No more searching endlessly for someone's brown socks! The different colors make it easy to identify the bag that belongs to each person. Unpacking when we get home is also easy - dirty bags go straight to the laundry and clean bags go into each person's room for unpacking. Thanks!"
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  • Posted: 4/25/2013
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from La Jolla, CA
positive review
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12 person(s) out of 12 found this review helpful.
"Fantastic item By using these packing cubes you bring down the size of luggage. Which means it makes it easier to just bring on carry ons onto the plane If you get these for your friends you are doing them a favor. Also for security purposes it's also good because it just makes one more thing to open for thieves in the airport when you put your luggage under the plane. And it's easy to know when you open your luggage that everything is still there. Excellent way to pack !"
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  • Posted: 11/10/2009
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Gustine, TX
positive review
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130 person(s) out of 142 found this review helpful.
"Great item to use for traveling or for storing small things in at home. Also great as a bag to put your comb, brush, hairspray, even small blow dryer in when you travel. Puts everything together so you don't have to search for it in your luggage."
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