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eBags Small Packing Cubes - 3pc Set

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96% recommended

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10 Colors - from $19.99 to $22.99
Aquamarine Black Peony Titanium Canary Denim Eggplant Grasshopper Raspberry Tangerine

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Product Features

  • Dimensions: 11 x 6.75 x 3 - ideal for packing tanks, undergarments, diapers etc
  • Guaranteed for life under the eBags Lifetime Warranty
  • Premium YKK® zippers with corded pulls ensure a lifetime of opening and closing
  • Interior seams fully finished for durability and soft mesh tops won't damage delicate fabrics
  • Highest construction standards utilized - making it the number one packing cube of choice
  • Webbing handle for convenience when carried by itself
  • Mesh top panel for easy identification of contents, and ventilation

Detailed Product Description

Great for tee shirts, tank tops, diapers & all the little things - Available in 10 fun colors.

Designer Notes

All solid colors are made with nylon fabric. All patterns are made with polyester fabric. If you are familiar with the nylon versions, you will find that the patterned polyester is a little bit stiffer. There is no difference in quality - just a different hand-feel.

Product Specifications

11" x 6.75" x 3"
8 oz
Our Promise - Lifetime Warranty -Exchange, return, whatever it takes
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Product Reviews

Ratings Summary


Based on 1,518 reviews

96% recommended
Most Helpful Review
  • Posted: 7/3/2014
  • Reviewer: Lori from Sioux City, IA
positive review
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3 person(s) out of 3 found this review helpful.
"These cubes are aptly described as small. I wear a size small top / medium bottom and I can fit 6 thin, short-sleeved shirts or three long maxi skirts folded/rolled inside. I also purchased the Weekender Convertible backpack and these will fit laying flat, one atop the other perfectly."
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  • Posted: 4/29/2012
  • Reviewer: Karen from Brookfield, WI
positive review
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239 person(s) out of 243 found this review helpful.
"Money well spent! I purchased a set of small & medium sized packing cubes for a trip to Ireland. The three small cubes were used for 1) socks/underwear; 2) pj's; and 3) electronics / glasses. (The medium sized cubes were used for shirts & jeans/slacks). The mesh on top makes it easy to see what's in each cube - handle on the back makes it easy to carry the cube (just make sure it's zippered first) - zippers have an extra pull tab to make them easier to grab. All in all, the cubes made traveling much easier! It was nice to be able to pull out just what I needed rather than digging thru the entire suitcase. ...also makes packing / repacking much easier. Only thing I would change would be to have a set of packing small packing cubes that came with multiple colors."
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  • Posted: 8/7/2012
  • Reviewer: Lura Ann from Amarillo, TX
positive review
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41 person(s) out of 41 found this review helpful.
"I use the small packing cubes in my everyday life, and in my luggage when traveling. My daily skin care and makeup needs are kept in one bag; it is ready for everyday use and is ready to put in my suitcase for traveling. Another one holds my hair care needs including combs, clips, etc. These are the perfect size for small travel items, as well ..belts, scarves, etc. I also have another set of longer packing cubes that are excellent for packing lingerie and socks, etc. I keep them in my suitcase so that when I am ready to pack for travel they are right where I need them to be ... saves time, energy, and space. Packing Cubes are very useful in my everyday living as well as travel."
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  • Posted: 2/21/2013
  • Reviewer: Catherine from Providence, Rhode Island
positive review
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54 person(s) out of 55 found this review helpful.
"I received a set of the large cubes as a Christmas gift, and used them on a 2-week trip to the United Arab Emirates. While it took a little longer to pack originally (I carefully rolled all the clothing to go inside the cubes) everything stayed in much better condition than when packed flat in the suitcase, and it was so easy to pack/unpack/find things during the trip. We stayed in 5 hotels in 12 days and the cubes made a huge difference to the convenience of my suitcase. I used one for pants/skirts, one for tops, and one for miscellaneous items (bathing suit, workout pants, sweater, shawls). So I just purchased the small cubes to use for underwear/sox/pjs. I'm a believer!!"
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  • Posted: 9/25/2007
  • Reviewer: Pamela from Teaneck, NJ
positive review
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54 person(s) out of 56 found this review helpful.
"I've used these packing cubes on trips to Paris and London, and I plan to use them on my trip to Rome this winter. Using the packing cubes cuts down on the shuffling that clothing tends to do when it's thrown around by baggage handlers. The cubes keep all similar items together and easy to spot inside your suitcase. I can pack all socks/hosiery in a smaller one, and pack shirts/sweaters in a larger one, with another large cube for pants only. One of the best things about the cubes is that if security has to go through your luggage for any reason, they can see all that you've packed without having to rifle through EVERYTHING in your suitcase. I also use the smaller cubes to tame things like extra cords and usb cables when stored in a drawer, and I keep a small "travel" cube in my work bag with things like aspirin, toothpaste, etc for emergencies. These are a great idea, and I truly don't know how I survived traveling without them for so long!"
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  • Posted: 10/22/2008
  • Reviewer: Barbara from Manhasset, NY
positive review
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17 person(s) out of 17 found this review helpful.
"My husband just used the small packing cubes on a recent three day trip. They were used to pack underwear, teeshirts and socks. He found them to be really convenient and appreciated the organization it gave him. They are well made and fit more then you would expect."
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  • Posted: 4/10/2013
  • Reviewer: Maryann
positive review
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20 person(s) out of 21 found this review helpful.
"Your e-bgs are terrific! I'm using them for travel and packing is so much easier now. I'm so happy I ordered them and the price was very fair and the quality superior. The only thing I should have done was order them in different colors. (A variety of colors) then I could remember were all my items are located. Thank you!"
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  • Posted: 11/14/2011
  • Reviewer: Kathy from Brandon, FL
positive review
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10 person(s) out of 10 found this review helpful.
"I love the portablity and ease of use within my suitcase. I was always digging for small items tucked here and there but now I reach for the bag. I have thought that I should purchase different colors in different sizes so I can say "Ah, green would be outer clothing, red - underwear", etc. Maybe a multicolor varity size pack should be considered!"
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  • Posted: 4/12/2008
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from St. Petersburg, FL
positive review
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22 person(s) out of 24 found this review helpful.
"When they first arrived, I thought for sure they would be too small for the intended use. Well, I was half right on that. I'll need to get the mediums for what I really wanted, but glad i have the smalls anyway! In the one that I put my son's clothing in, I have a pair of pants, two shirts, two pairs of underpants, a pair of pajamas, some socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a cup. His clothing is mostly 4t. I wanted to just have something to organize the "just in case" clothing we needed for him. For the other ones, I put toys in them. They are great for puzzles, blocks, books, trains, and assorted small toys. The colors allow me to organize more effectively (green for puzzles, blue for blocks, red for trains, et cetera) and allow him to know exactly what he is reaching for. It's also easy just to grab a favorite toy when running out the door. I'll be buying more in other sizes for other uses, mostly larges for filling up with winter clothing and blankets and throwing under the bed, and mediums for overnight bags in the cars. Great great product!"
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  • Posted: 7/25/2013
  • Reviewer: Barbara from Grand Rapids, MI
positive review
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11 person(s) out of 12 found this review helpful.
"I love these bags. I took them on a trip to Europe along with the larger mixed set of packing cubes. They were fabulous for keeping my items organized while I was traveling for 2 weeks and my husband envied how neat my suitcases stayed, while he felt like he was constantly packing and unpacking his every time he took out an outfit. He even asked me to pick him up the large mixed set for our next trip! They seem to be well made and are easy to zip open and closed. I also like the mesh tops that allow you to see what the contents are. However, I did think the price was a bit high for the small cube set."
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  • Posted: 1/9/2009
  • Reviewer: Elizabeth from Lincoln, NE
positive review
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16 person(s) out of 18 found this review helpful.
"These are the smallest of the bags so they aren't really good for shirts or pants, but for socks or other small clothing items they work well. Next time I'd probably buy the bigger size. I also wish there was a bigger variety of colors."
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