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High Sierra Compass Convertible Travel Pack

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86% recommended

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Product Features

  • Deluxe organizer wtih zippered accessory pocket, cell phone pocket, pen pockets, and removable key fob
  • Two large main compartments; the back compartment hinges open fron the side for easy packing
  • Zippered tricot-lined pocket with headphone port holds a CD/MP3 player or sunglasses
  • Zippered divider panel between front and back compartments opens to make one large compartment
  • Adjustable side compression straps with PVC molded SR buckle mounts secure extra gear
  • Removable, adjustable aluminum stays can be bent to fit the contours of your back to customize fit and increase comfort
  • Zippered shoe pocket keeps shoes within reach
  • Integrated cell phone pocket on strap makes it easier to reach your phone
  • Vapel mesh Airflow padded back and grab handles wick moisture
  • Vapel mesh Airlow adjustable padded waist belt helps secure the pack and makes carrying easier
  • Mesh water bottle pocket
  • Removable shoulder strap with padded shoulder pad on the left side panel
  • Adjustable sternum strap stabilizes the pack
  • Bottom compression webbing straps
  • Hidden backpack straps are stored behind a zippered back panel
  • Contoured daisy chain for attaching gear
  • Removable full size daypack with padded backpack straps
  • Removable daypack attaches to the main bag's backpack straps using the snap hooks

Detailed Product Description

Go on adventures or to school fully prepared with the High Sierra Compass Convertible Travel Pack! This roomy, expandable bag features two large main compartments for toting all your big gear - books, binders, clothing, shoes and other gear - and has a detachable full-sized daypack. It has a deluxe organizer with a zippered accessory pocket, a cell phone pocket, pen pockets, and a removable key fob, as well as a zippered divider panel between the front and back compartments which opens to make one large compartment. Ergonomically designed, the High Sierra Compass Convertible Travel Pack has removable, adjustable aluminum stays which can be bent to fit the contours of your back to customize its fit and increase your comfort, as well as Vapel mesh Airflow padded back and grab handles and a removable shoulder strap with padding on the left side panel. The perfect convertible pack!

Product Specifications

29" x 15" x 10"
6 lbs, 8 oz
3295 cu. in.
Duralite Waffle Weave
Full size daypack 14"x12"x5.5" (976 cubic inches)
Lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship
Linear Inches:i
Catalog #:i

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Product Reviews

Ratings Summary


Based on 76 reviews

86% recommended
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  • Posted: 1/28/2011
  • Reviewer: William from Monroe, LA
negative review
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4 person(s) out of 4 found this review helpful.
"I should have paid attention to other negative comments about the zippers. They are very light weight zippers for a pack and are not the self-repairing ones seen on better quality products. I didn't even get ONE use out of my pack before one of the zippers on the main compartment failed! Not a good indicator prior to embarking on a ten day adventure... would not recommend."
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  • Posted: 10/19/2010
  • Reviewer: Edward from Charlotte, NC
positive review
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4 person(s) out of 4 found this review helpful.
"Great bag! It has the perfect amount of space so that it stores a lot, but isn't too gigantic. I'm using it on a 1-year gap-year backpacking trip in China. It's been great. It is VERY unbalanced in its zipped-together form though. Since the smaller bag is on top, you get a huge amount of torque on your waist. The trick is to carry the big bag on your back and the smaller bag in front (like in one of the display pictures). This provides actually great balance for you to be able to carry your things for long distances."
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  • Posted: 12/24/2006
  • Reviewer: Michael from Los Angeles, CA
positive review
+ More Details
41 person(s) out of 53 found this review helpful.
"Overall, a decent item. What I like: It's plenty big, even for extended trips. The zip-away straps (quite comfortable) and conversion to shoulder bag are extremely helpful when checking it on a plane, a necessity if, like me, you travel with a multi-purpose tool and also because it's probably too big to be considered carry-on. I'm also a big fan of the zip-off day pack, as it's the perfect size. It's nice to have the separate sections for clothes, especially when you find yourself lugging laundry that reeks of evil after ten days of travel through Thailand and you'd rather keep your trinkets and two remaining pairs of underwear free from its stench. Trust me on this one. On the other hand, there are some shortcomings that would lead me to not fully endorse this bag. Though handy in the abstract, when both the main bag and the day pack are about 75% full or more, zipping the latter on proves more trouble than convenient, as the bag becomes quite deep (making turning in tight spaces like airport lines) and shifts the weight uncomfortably high. The shoe compartment also ends up being less useful than one would think if your feet are of any substantial size (I’m a men's 12). And though the big bag holds a lot, cramming it full makes for some unsure moments, as the zipper feels quite flimsy. This lack of security is made ever more disconcerting by the most foolish design flaw of the bag: no holes in the zippers through which to put a luggage lock! If you're using it for backpacking in a foreign land (as most purchasers likely would be), don't expect any safety from thieving hands while, say, sleeping on a train. At best you can run a lock through the little pull straps to serve as a deterrent. A terrible oversight by High Sierra and reason enough to not recommend this bag. If this is eventually remedied, I'd switch my opinion, but I would hope that they also have the decency to recall those defective ones from people like me. Not that I'm bitter or anything."
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  • Posted: 6/29/2006
  • Reviewer: Bruce from Grand Prairie, TX
positive review
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30 person(s) out of 42 found this review helpful.
"I used this backpack for a three week trip hostelling in Europe. The bag is plenty big. If you need more room, you are packing too much gear. The two large compartments with zippered panel between them were very handy. I could put gear I didn't expect to use for several days in one side, and then just open the other each night at the hostel. This made finding things quick and easy and I avoided having to dump all my gear out (less mess, less lost). The small pocket at the bottom was handy for items like battery charger, elastic washing line, etc. The day pack was excellent. It is big enough for camera, reading material, guide book, valuables, water bottle, food, jacket, hat... The cell phone/ipod pocket was handy and kept my Treo safe but accessible. The day pack has a plastic clip I hooked on my swiss army knife, which connects to a quick release clip inside the pack. This meant I could always find my knife which would otherwise have always been at the bottom of the bag. Useful when you need to pull a cork or open a beer in a hurry. You could, of course, clip a key ring the same way, but how boring. The straps and support system are highly adjustable. After a couple of days I found I needed to raise the hip belt/lower the shoulder straps so I could transfer more of the load to my hips and carry less on my shoulders. It took maybe three minutes to make the adjustments. The daypack can zip onto the main pack. But you can also quickly just clip it on the back, or snap it onto a couple of loops on the shoulder straps and carry it in front. That's kind of reassuring when you are in a crowd and you want to keep your valuables under close control. Also handy to have it in front in confined spaces like the tube. The main zipper closure on the backpack opened up once on me when I was carrying it by the side carry handle, so from then on I always used the TSO combination locks (I bought from Ebags) to lock the zippers closed."
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  • Posted: 7/19/2010
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Sheboygan Falls, WI
positive review
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2 person(s) out of 2 found this review helpful.
"I like the removable travel pack. I liked the handles on the top and on the side and the large area for packing. The straps that can be hidden by the zip down back is a big plus. It is very comfortable to carry for long distances."
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  • Posted: 7/2/2006
  • Reviewer: Manan from Cincinnati, OH
positive review
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19 person(s) out of 30 found this review helpful.
"this bag is definitely designed for tall people. if you are shorter than 5'8" then this bag will not fit you properly. i'm 5'9" and had to put the straps on the lowest setting and only then would the backpack fit. also, this bag is VERY BIG and if you pack it to its fullest capacity, it will be very heavy. the high sierra bag that is slightly smaller would probably work out better for most situations. the thing i liked most about the bag was the organization if unzips completely like a suitcase so you can get to your stuff without unpacking everything like to you have to do in toploaders."
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  • Posted: 1/4/2006
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from Medford, MA
positive review
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20 person(s) out of 32 found this review helpful.
"Lots of compartments to put clothes and souvenirs. Not completely sure that the sneaker pocket is necessary or useful. Adjustable back straps help when transferring the bag from one person to another. The removable backpack stays on with zippers -- this is MUCH better than many other ones that merely snap on (and thus to get at the main pack you need to remove and unsnap the daypack first)."
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  • Posted: 11/30/2007
  • Reviewer: Anonymous Customer from New Haven, CT
positive review
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18 person(s) out of 29 found this review helpful.
"I took this away to Europe for 2 months and was changing locations almost every day, so it got a lot of wear and tear. I was not incredibly impressed with the durability, but for the price it is not bad. I am a very heavy traveller. I very much like the unzippable small rucksack which can be used as a day back. That was very useful for hiking. The shoe container was also a nice addition. I also like the zippable back, which invariably impresses the airline emplyees when I am checking in on flights."
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  • Posted: 8/25/2006
  • Reviewer: Nathan from Louisville, KY
+ More Details
15 person(s) out of 24 found this review helpful.
"Large bag that can store a lot of luggage. Was my sole luggage piece on a 10 day Europe trip. However, bag was heavy and somewhat awkward compared to the large backpacks my friends were carrying. Becomes very uncomfortable when worn for even short periods of time. Doesn't distribute weight well like other bags may."
Did you find this review helpful? Yes No
  • Posted: 2/11/2007
  • Reviewer: Marco from Pompano Beach, FL
positive review
+ More Details
16 person(s) out of 28 found this review helpful.
"I think this is a great backpack. I use it when I travel abroad. Typically have it for the Europe trips to get around easily. The one thing I would have liked to have done if I purchased this again is get the one that is one size smaller. I think this is a perfect pack if you need to carry a decent amount of clothes in, but I went on a trip for three weeks with this and thought I had MORE than enough room, possibly too much. I also found the two sections to be useful since they are completely separate from one another."
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