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Backpack Buying Guide

When it comes to back to school shopping, the first thing on your child’s supply list is typically a new backpack. Finding the perfect color and best design may only take a few minutes, but what usually requires more time and energy involves combining your child’s backpack desires to your safety and support standards.

The eBags Six Step Shopping Sheet

eBags Six Step Shopping Sheet

The eBags Six Step Shopping Sheet takes the stress out of back to school shopping and leads you and your child to a smart and stylish backpack that is parent approved!

    1. Size

    2. Straps

    3. Style

    4. Safety

    5. Support

    6. Satisfaction


The best backpack for your child will vary by their age group. When purchasing a new backpack for your child, make sure the bag will complement your child’s body frame. Incorrect sizing can lead to back pain and can interfere with proper spine development.


Straps are a key feature of backpacks that often get overlooked. For teens and tweens, straps are especially important when considering the amount of books and binders they carry to school and between classes. Check that your child’s backpack is equipped with comfortable straps that support their posture and leave them free from stress marks or shoulder abrasions.


From rolling backpacks to messenger bags, eBags carries a wide selection of packs that are sure to meet your child’s expectations. Rolling backpacks are exceptionally popular with preschoolers as they are free from back weight, while bold-colored totes and backpacks remain to be a must-have for high schoolers.


If your child is one of many that take the bus or walk to and from school, it is important for them to be visible to busy street traffic. Invest in a backpack with built in reflective points to keep them safe from oncoming cars and bikers.


A backpack should never cause your child to slouch or hunch due to the weight or volume of contents packed inside. A waist strap is extremely useful feature to consider as it provides extra stability to their lower back while relieving pressure from their shoulders and neck.


Reaching an agreement with your child on the five features above is the most important aspect of backpack shopping. If you purchase a backpack for your child that they are not happy about carrying, they will most likely wear the bag improperly and treat it poorly which will force you to buy a new pack next year. Be sure that your child is as enthusiastic about the backpack as you are; this will save you money and stress for school years to come!

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