Meet Allura.

More than a Carry-On. A Companion.

You wouldn’t wear your date-night shoes on a hike—you bought them because they look GOOD. And, like your date-night shoes, our new Allura Hardside Spinner Carry-On is designed to help you strut your stuff…and carry it well, too.

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Reflects well on you. And in general.

Allura is made from 100% Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate, the highest grade in the business. It's feather-light and nearly indestructible, with a brilliant, mirror-like finish. Which means this bag not only crushes it in the looks department—it keeps your stuff from getting crushed, too.

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Turns heads. Thwarts thieves.

With its high-gloss exterior and elegant interior, a suitcase this beautiful WILL turn heads. But in the event of any unwanted attention, our Travel Sentry®-approved, TSA-recognized three-dial lock will keep the bad guys out.

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Actually, we DID re-invent the wheel.

Double-wheel spinners mean your bag rolls smoothly and silently by your side, with next-to-nothing weight in hand. Even better: recessed wheels mean that hardware isn’t taking up any of your packing space.

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The design inspiration for Allura came from the lean, chiseled physique of a world-class athlete—layering attraction, temptation and allure over a beautifully functional core. Is that glossy, alluring surface a bit more prone to scuffs and scratches? Yes. That’s why you’re carrying your Allura onboard. Well, that and the fact that it’s just really good for your image.


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Brushed Graphite

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