Your journey starts here

And like all true adventures, it starts with really great people—and the right equipment. In business, as in travel, it takes both determination and durability to get from point A to point B. Our team has both, in spades. Over the past 17 years, we’ve gone from a scrappy local start-up to a national leader in travel goods…and we believe our amazing employees are behind it all.

Group photograph of all eBags employees

What makes an eBagger?

To be honest, exactly the same things that make an eBags product. The finest raw materials: that perfect combination of rugged and refined. A healthy dose of flexibility: the ability to consistently function in top form across multiple duties. And finally—perhaps most importantly—a deep understanding that the journey is the destination.

What’s it like to work here?

Do you thrive on non-stop momentum? Are you a smidge more productive with a pooch under your desk? A tad more fulfilled with a belly-full of free food truck fare, and a belly-laugh with your co-workers? Are you motivated by the idea of 4+ weeks of annual vacay, and generous discounts at the schmancy health club up the street? Us too!

Yeah, but what’s under the icing?

A big ol' cupcake of awesome benefits, that’s what. eBags offers top-tier medical, dental and vision coverage, with a health reimbursement plan to help cover unexpected expenses—plus life insurance and long-term disability. Summer hours round out the package…all of which keeps our crew fired up and ready whatever’s around the corner.

Ready to be part of an amazing team that’s going places in every sense of the phrase? Check out our current openings, then get in touch. We know a fellow wanderlover when we see one.

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