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Luggage Buying Guide

Shopping the Benefits

Hardside vs. Softside & Spinners vs. Rolling

Shopping for luggage can sometimes be a lot like traveling to a foreign country - it helps to know the language!

Use our Luggage Cheat Sheet to instantly understand the benefits of:

Hardside Luggage

Hardside Luggage | eBags EXO 2.0 Hardside 24 in. Spinner

Made from strong polycarbonate & aluminum materials

Stain resistant



Protects fragile belongings

Built in TSA approved locks

Available in printed patterns & solid colors

Built in organizational features/compartments

Rigid body helps to absorb shock from airport handling

Softside Luggage

Softside Luggage | eBags TLS 22 in. Expandable Carry-On

Made from durable synthetic fabric materials

Can be cleaned with fabric cleaners


Features outside compartments and pockets


Avaliable in various colors

Built in orgnaizational features/compartments

Less visibale wear and tear

Flexible interiror/exterior body for packing and loading

Spinner Luggage

Spinners | eBags EXO 2.0 Hardside Spinner Carry-On


360 degree maneuverability

Carry: alongside, behind, push in front, or pull behind

Easy maneuverability in tight aisles/crowded airports

Duffels, purses & backpacks can be easily stacked on top

Rolling Luggage

Rolling Luggage | eBags Mother Lode TLS Mini 21 in. Wheeled Duffel


2-way push/pull systems

Stability over bumby/uneven surfaces

Larger tip over resistance

Note: All listed features may not apply to all products