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Product Availability

We will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of the items and the shipping options you choose. Shipping date estimates will be provided in the Shopping Cart or from the "Estimated Arrival" links located on the Product List page. Once you've placed your order, you will be able to see both shipping and delivery date estimates in the order confirmation e-mail and in the relevant order summary in Your Account.

Pre-Order Items

If an item is out of stock but available for pre-order, it will be displayed in the "Choose a Color" pull-down with an estimated ship date. Though not a guaranteed date, we will continue to accept orders for the item, and it will usually be shipped by the date listed. Additionally, the "Add to Cart" button will read "Pre-Order This Item" to let you know of the delay. The Pre-Order shipping date will also appear in your shopping cart.

Out of Stock Items

Sometimes an item will go out of stock on the Web site. Usually we try to remove these items as soon as possible. When we can't, an "Out of Stock" message will display. Some of these items may come back into stock, while others are closeouts and are gone forever. If you have a question about an out of stock item, please contact us at 1-800-820-6126.

If you have a question about the availability of a specific item in bulk, please contact our corporate sales department. In general, we strive to keep our availability as accurate as possible.

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