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Barracuda Collapsible Carry-On with Locator



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Product Features

  • Tired of your current carry-on bag that does little else but sit there? With Barracuda, never again juggle that laptop on your knees while reaching to the floor to pick up your drink, in the typical table-less airport waiting area. And Barracuda forever ends the need to rush for an empty plug, to charge your smart phone or tablet
  • Sleek, Smart and Collapsible, The world’ first Collapsible, storable, carry-on with ingenious Laptop-Tray
  • Collapse your Barracuda in seconds into a sleek storage bag, to stow under the bed or hang it in your closet, ready for your next trip. It’s right there for you. Our storage big itself is stylish enough for a travel bag
  • Laptop Tray: Ingenious drop-down tray unfolds in seconds, for a convenient shelf for a laptop, tablet, or secure place for your drink, in our cleverly-designed twin cup holders. In a packed airport, a little extra shelf space is always welcome
  • Halo Handle System™ features an ergonomic and distinctive 360°rotating handle. Turn heads not your wrist. A push button allows the handle to be locked in one of 6 positions, taking all the weight out of your hand and stress off your elbow
  • Portable Battery: 10,000 mAh capacity designed to charge your phone/tablet five times, designed-ingenious, so easily removable to accompany you in your plane seat to charge devices while flying. Unlike other no-so-smart bag companies that lock their battery inside their bag, Barracuda’s ingenious-portability means battery can be moved from your Barracuda bag to your hand luggage, when checking your TSA-approved Barracuda bag (TSA rules ban batteries locked in checked luggage)
  • Location Tracker (optional): Take control of your luggage, or any bag, with this portable device. The optional unit gives you the peace of mind of tracking your luggage location, if lost. The Barracuda Location Tracker app (for both Android & IOS) uses GSM technology to find your bag in any building, and a Bluetooth proximity sensor to alert you when your Barracuda arrives at the carousel
  • Portable Digital Scale: Keep a close watch on weight of your Barracuda bag, and all other bags, with this digital device that measures both kilograms and pounds
  • Stuff Bag: Shoes say a lot about a man or woman, and so another ingenious Barracuda concept: Why not a large laundry bag and…two shoe bags! Never again will you need to use those grocery sacks to pack your shoes.

Detailed Product Description

Barracuda’s location tracker brings you the peace of mind of knowing where your luggage is, no matter where it’s gone. You’ll never worry about losing your suitcase again. By utilizing GSM-GPRS technology, the device can even locate your luggage inside buildings, something GPS can only dream of. Barracuda supports iOS and Android platforms as well as a web interface. With the easy-to-use app, you can not only track your luggage, you can also use its proximity sensor to detect when your suitcase is on the airport baggage carousel. Add to that a 15 day battery life as well as FAA-, TSA- and FCC-compliance, you can take it anywhere.

Product Specifications

Domestic Carry-On
iExterior Dimensions:
21.7" x 14" x 9"
iInterior Dimensions:
Not Available
iLinear Inches:
8 lbs, 12 oz
5 Year Limited/1 Year Electronics
iCatalog #:

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25% recommended
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10 person(s) out of 10 found this review helpful.
"The pros - This bag is beautiful and stylish. I loved that it collapses for storage and that it comes with it's own storage bag. The battery charger and locator are great additions (but these are easy to purchase separately for any luggage). The cons - The components. The plastic was brittle and didn't feel durable. The zipper looked substantial but separated the first time I used it (to be fair, I got it to heal after zipping and unzipping a few times) and I could see there was a small flaw in one of the teeth that would have become a big problem with heavy use. Second problem encountered was the handle jammed and wouldn't retract fully. Later I was able to unpack everything, unzip the interior lining, and dig into the mechanisms of the bag to ascertain that the issue was a thin piece of plastic had folded down from its velcroed moorings. This overall closer inspection of the interior bag components wasn't confidence inspiring. In use, the table is flimsy and takes away a LOT of interior packing space. The lack of expansion capability in the design is an insurmountable challenge... especially for female business travelers who have different packing needs than what the designers have in their 'how to pack a Barracuda bag' video. "
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negative review
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29 person(s) out of 31 found this review helpful.
"This carry on makes a lot of promises but delivers on only a few. The good: It's stylish and easily stows out of the way and the inner clothing cinch is great for making room. The bad: The hidden fold-out tray is flimsy and the zipper is so tight that packing up and stowing the tray is a frustrating and difficult procedure. The unforgivable: My GPS came registered to someone else (WTF?), the battery compartment was glued in so poorly that the entire unit just fell out the first time I opened it, and when I contacted Barracuda trying to resolve my issues, they gave me a couple ideas that didn't work and then stopped responding to my inquiries. If this luggage could actually deliver on its promises, it would be amazing, but considering the price tag, it's garbage. I expected MUCH, MUCH better. "
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positive review
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10 person(s) out of 11 found this review helpful.
"This luggage is by far the best luggage I have ever purchased. It is very stylish and the extra features are more than an incentive, they are extremely convenient! The battery pack charging ability of the luggage is perfect for people who bring their laptops everywhere like me. I would recommend the company to take a look at the zipper quality though as they are not always smooth and the zipper teeth could be improved. Otherwise, the Barracuda carry-on is a great piece of luggage!"
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