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Victorinox Etherius Medium Expandable Travel Case


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Product Features

  • Ultra-strong, 100% pure polycarbonate
  • Comfort grip, one-touch, dual-trolley handle locks into three positions to accommodate travelers of various heights
  • Four premium Hinomoto wheels ensure a smooth roll and ease of maneuverability
  • The spacious main packing area features two divider walls to separate your belongings, one of which stretches for easy packing
  • Y-shaped compression straps keep folded items secure and help reduce wrinkles
  • Zippered expansion system expands 1.6" for 15% more packing capacity
  • Top haul handle for easy grabbing
  • Integrated Travel Sentry Approved lock allows TSA screeners to open the lock without destroying it, and relock it after inspection
  • Access Lock Combination Recovery Program allows you to register your lock combination on victorinox.com and recover it if ever forgotten
  • Free matching iPhone 7 case with the purchase of any Etherius case in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc

Detailed Product Description

This ultra-light, 4-wheel travel case is contructed of 100% pure polycarbonate to protect your belongings while in transit while the zippered expansion system gives you more space when you need it

Product Specifications

Checked - Medium
iExterior Dimensions:
26.4" x 17.7" x 11.8"
iInterior Dimensions:
24.4" x 17.7" x 11.8"
iLinear Inches:
8 lbs, 11 oz
100% Pure Polycarbonate
Global 10-Year Limited Warranty
iCatalog #:

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67% recommended
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positive review
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2 person(s) out of 3 found this review helpful.
"The color is brilliantly perfect Rose Gold & the picture is true to color. I love that this is scratch resistant so I do not have to worry about it when I check it in. The Wheels are absolutely flawless and move like skates on ice (hockey mom here), as they are 55mm Hinomoto Wheels and just are so graceful as they go across all surfaces well. Perhaps my favorite feature of the Victorinox Etherius Medium Expandable Travel Case is the Integrated Combination Lock because it is built right into the zippers. I can not tell you how many times I have forgotten my key for the lock or forgotten the combination while I am traveling and now it simply does not matter. I do not have to carry a key, and if I EVER forget the combination, I have registered my lock combination at victorinox.com and I can recover it no matter where I am! The case is made of 100% Pure Polycarbonate and this is tough, it takes a beating, and hundreds of tosses from those airport handlers. So even as beautiful as it looks, the style is formidable to being tossed about and living on with its structure, ok handlers bring it on right? The weight of this luggage unpacked starts at 8.73# which allows me to truly LOAD this before hitting that 50# 'pay for it' situation. I am a shopper when I travel, no matter where I go and the fact that the luggage has a little more 'give' 1.6" expansion means I can really get MORE in there and it is as simple as a zip and unzips! Did I mention that the inside has nice capacity? I can easily pack about 5 day's worth of shorts and tees and bathing suits. Or a nice mix of business (a little bulkier) clothing on one side and my more casual on the other. Inside offers zippered divided walls and of course the compression straps to keep things secure after being tossed about. Comfort GripHandle easily locks into 3 positions, not one. 41" at the highest, 39", and 37". The Bag is ideal for all types of travel from adventure to work & I want to collect them all! "
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1 person(s) out of 1 found this review helpful.
"I needed to replace a 25" wheeled suitcase with suiter that had become very worn after 8+ years of hard travel. I purchased four different 24-25" wheeled suitcases to compare as possible replacements--I wanted to keep the features and packing capacity of my old suitcase but was hoping to find something more lightweight and durable. The Victorinox Etherius Medium was one of the contenders. Pros: Very nice-looking, very lightweight, seems well-constructed, deeper than the other 24-25" suitcases I've looked at (=more packing capacity). Cons: I didn't like the interior 50/50 split organization with zippered covers on both sides (seems like I'd always be zipping and unzipping to take something out or put it in), and I think I'd miss having an internal suiter and external pockets. I also prefer 2-wheeled luggage to a 4-wheeled spinner (spinners tend to roll away on even a tiny incline, and that can be a real hassle when you're trying to load or unload from a vehicle after a trip, need to stop to look at a map or pull out tickets, etc.). It's a nicely built suitcase, and all my "cons" are matters of personal preference. I liked the looks of this suitcase enough to order it and check it out in person, but in the end, I realized that I needed to choose a suitcase with the features and organization to meet my packing style rather than the pretty one that matched my iPhone!"
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positive review
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"I love how initially the suitcase appeals - it's very smooth, and even lighter than I had expected. It's a great size, and, because it's so light, you can really pack a ton in, but not worry too much about it being too large and difficult to get around. I'm one of those people who really packs in clothes - I use those little cubes, and I could easily fit a month's worth of clothes in here without it being a problem. The insides are divided into sections on each half, which I think allows for better organizing as well. It wheels nicely and is very quiet. The feel of the suitcase is almost soft on the outside, and I can tell it's very durable, though again, very light, which is my favorite feature as I tend to test suitcases to their capacities when traveling, going over the weight limit almost always before physically filling the shell itself. Definitely would recommend this, and will be using it on my next trip!"
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