Introducing Silhouette XV Collection

eBags Glider Case - This is Luggage Redefined. Shop Now.

eBags Silhouette XV Collection - Next Level Mobility. Shop Now.

eBags Silhouette XV - Comfort. Deluxe cushioning and soft rubber seals on our new, wider pull handle combine to provide an exceptionally comfortable grip.
eBags Silhouette XV - Mobility. New Tru-Trac™ wheel sustem features a v-shaped, camber instructed design for a straight roll every time

eBags Silhouette XV - Adjust. The RightHeight™ Pull Handle system features multiple height adjustments that makes it easy to custom fit the bag to most body types.
eBags Silhouette XV - Glider™ Cases. Glider™ Cases powered by StrideAlign™ Technology, are redefining luggage! Their lower center of gravity, wider carry handle, and bes-in-class wheel system make it easier to push, pull and carry your world.