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eBags EXO Collection
EXO Hardside Spinner Carry-On

EXO Hardside Spinner Carry-On

93% Recommended

"Buy it! Fits easily overhead, glides smoothly and even fully loaded, feels like it’s empty."
- Deb, Lebanon, NJ

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EXO Hardside 24" Spinner

EXO Hardside 24" Spinner

95% Recommended

"Love this bag! Tough, flexible, and rolls like a dream."
- EXO Customer

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About the collection

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There's a reason we named it EXO. Because when it comes to this collection, what you see on the outside truly makes it special.

Not only is EXO made out of the most durable and lightweight material we could find, but the wheel system is like no other.

Each EXO bag has eight spinner wheels, two on each corner. They're more durable and smoother than other wheels, and the fact that they can swivel means you can wheel this luggage next to you standing upright with all its weight on the ground, or you can pull it behind you in the tilt and tow position.

And if you think the outside is impressive, just wait until you see the inside.

Materials and Construction


Deciding which hard suitcase to go with is, quite appropriately, a hard decision. If only some company would come along and do the research for you. And that's where we come in.

What we've learned in our extensive research is that hard luggage can be made out of three different materials. ABS, ABS/Polycarbonate (PC) laminates, and Polycarbonate.

Have you ever been waiting at baggage claim and seen someone's underwear strewn all over the carousel because their hard suitcase looks like it exploded? Odds are, it's ABS. Companies use it because it's stiff and inexpensive, but it's also brittle. The very reason we don't use it.

Our EXO Collection is made with 100% Polycarbonate. Sure, it costs a little more, but the marriage of durability and lightweight makes it the perfect choice for you and your undergarments.


What's the point of having a strong, hard suitcase if the seams are weak and vulnerable?

So it's not just enough to carefully stitch the zipper to the polycarbonate. We also conceal the stitching with flexible wrap-around binding to protect it from abrasion. Every seam is covered, which means you are too.


You might look at a hard suitcase and assume that it's durable just because it's hard. Not true.

If we just attached our grab handles to the polycarbonate, the shell would eventually crack. If we just attached the feet to the polycarbonate, they could easily crush through the shell. So you'll find a backing plate that adds extra support behind every attached part. Grab handles, feet, telescoping handles, even the lock. It may seem like overkill, but our durability ratings are amazing for a reason.

So from the zippers, to the handles, to the hardware, to the attached parts that can all be replaced, every bit of the EXO Collection is tough. Including, of course, the hard shell itself.


We didn't choose the most durable material for the outside of the EXO Collection only to put in a zipper that doesn't hold up.

Because these bags don't morph to relieve some of the stress on the zipper, we picked a zipper with the highest bursting strength. It's a #10 coil zipper that's extra strong because it has very aggressive knuckles, the parts of a zipper that link together. Is it as easy to zip and unzip as weaker zippers? Maybe not. But it means the baggage carousel won't be littered with all of your personal possessions, making them just a little less personal. Seems like a fair trade.


While there isn't a lot of hardware on the EXO Collection, we haven't cut corners with the little that there is.

For example, the telescoping handles use angled tubes for extra strength. They're also adjustable in height, so your handle will be the ideal length whether you're rolling the bag upright or pulling it behind you in the tilt and tow position. And for longevity, the feet are screwed on as opposed to attached with rivets.

Last but not least, perhaps the most important feature of this collection is the wheels. It is of the utmost importance that they are durable, quiet and just in case something happens, replaceable. All eight of them.